Eye on the Coast

City’s five-time mayor’s bench replaced

Original lost
A long time ago, a half-century or so, Village activist Tom Pearson, the only five-term mayor, placed a bench at the corner of Luneta and 15th streets for residents to rest when coming down the hill. Some time ago it disappeared so the mayor was frequently on Senior Planner Adam Birnbaum’s case to replace it. Birnbaum said he made a personal pledge to do that even though there were no funds for it. He enlisted the assistance of Del Mar Rotarian Marty Peters to get the money and to enlist volunteers that included an architect, cement contractor, carpenter and others to do the work. Birnbaum spent hours searching for just the right stone on which to mount a commemorative plaque. Pearson’s Perch was dedicated March 17 before well-wishers under the shade of a Torrey pine where the original bench was located. You are invited to visit the mini-rest area and to sit a while.
O’side political factions cranking up
With five council candidates in the running and a charter issue on the June ballot, O’siders are already looking for support. O’side is a general law city and a group wants it to become a charter city which would give it more latitude in dealing with state government regs. Seeking the council seat vacated by Rocky Chavez when he quit to take a job in Sacto are Chuck Lowery, Michael Lucas, Lloyd Prosser, Ward O’Doherty and Ken Crossman. The order on the ballot was determined by a recent drawing. All have run previously with Lucas competing for the ninth time. Prosser is reported to have the backing of council electeds Jack Feller and Jerry Kern who recently survived a recall effort. Lowery has the support of Mayor Jim Wood and Councilwoman Esther Sanchez.
Benson yields on Swami’s
Flower Capital residents were deeply divided on whether a women’s longboard competition should be held at Swami’s, which could have had some influence on promoter Linda Benson’s decision to forego such a possibility. Herself a world longboard champion, Benson on a 3-2 council vote was given the go-ahead to apply for a permit. Council electeds Teresa Barth and Jerome Stocks were opposed; Mayor Dan Dalager, Deputy Mayor Maggie Houlhan and Councilman Jim Bond were in favor.
Native story tellers scheduled April 24
A Native American group will spin tales at the San Dieguito Heritage Museum starting at 1 p.m. April 24 followed by an exhibition of sand painting. More info is available by calling (760) 632-9711.
Let ‘em meet
While Zenyatta was winning her 15th consecutive race at Santa Anita, Horse of the Year Rachel Alexander was finishing second in the New Orleans Ladies Handicap. Rachel has won seven races. Racing fans are eager to see the two ladies face each other. Oaklawn Park had posted $5 mil. in the Apple Blossom Classic for such an occurrence. Now Rachel’s owner, Jess Jackson, has said Rachel izzn’t in top form and will not compete. He has refused to bring her to the West Coast becuz major tracks have synthetic surfaces instead of dirt. On the other hand Zenyatta’s co-owner, Jerry Moss, has run her and won on all types of surfaces and sez he will race her on the highway if necessary to run against Rachel. Let the ladies meet. They probably will strike up a great friendship. Folks recall that in 1938 Triple Crown winner War Admiral finally ran against Seabiscuit in the Pimlico Special and was beaten by four lengths. The Admiral’s owner, Sam Riddle, had ducked the Biscuit until he ran out of reasons. It will be a great day for Zenyatta and her fans when she turns in a similar performance against Rachel.
Library receives lotsa accolades
Cardiffians who use their library extensively are heaping words of praise for the just-completed remodeling. Some folks have wrongly opined that such community facilities are now relics. The project was completed in time for last month’s 96th anniversary observance. The interior and furnishings have been repositioned to better serve the public and the community room has been enlarged. A demonstration garden will be located where dying trees were removed. Meanwhile Richard Hicks, chair of the Friends of the Library scholarship committee, is encouraging college-bound Cardiffians to apply for one of five grants worth a grand each. Deadline is May 1. Apps are available in the library’s book nook or online at www.friendscardiff library.org. Details are available by phone at (760) 632-1916.
Minchin watercolor exhibition
Great opportunity to view renowned artist John Minchin’s watercolor paintings in the Flower Capital City Hall. Minchin captures local scenes in his art work.
San Fran Mayor Gavin Newsom, who exited the race for governor, is a candidate for lieutenant governor … Cardiff Chamber is now Cardiff 101 Mainstreet … Solbeach is holding residents legally responsible when their trees or other properties damage city property like sidewalks and streets … Quarter horse fatalities are reported to have sky rocketed the past coppla years on dirt surfaces similar to that at Los Alamitos … The Governator has cancelled the sale of the Orange County Fairgrounds at Costa Mesa becuz seven bids received were well below estimated value … Latest report has a half-dozen Dems and three Republicans seeking Jerry Brown’s state attorney’s job that will be available because he is running for Governator … The Surfside City has launched a $55 mil. sewer pump station project at 21st Street that has been in the works for years … Marvel Studios/Paramount Pictures later this month will be shooting a flick on the Surfside City beach south of Powerhouse Park … The merger of O’side North County Humane Society SPCA and San Diego Humane Society SPCA is getting mixed reaction.
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