City to host housing element meeting

ENCINITAS — Encinitas will host a special council meeting in January dedicated to finding common ground moving forward on the housing element update in the wake of Measure T’s failure at the ballot box.

The City Council voted unanimously to host a workshop in mid-January that will bring the council and community together to start to form the picture of what residents will accept in future housing element attempts.  Measure T, the city’s first attempt at updating the housing element in recent history, was voted down in the Nov. 8 election.

The council’s vote on Dec. 14 also included a recommendation for a moderator to steward the meeting that would have to be approved by Bruce Ehlers, the co-chairman of the No on T campaign. Ehlers and several other opponents of Measure T initially told the council they didn’t want a moderator or facilitator because they believed the public and council could engage in a productive meeting without assistance, and that a moderator could come with their own personal agendas.

All cities are required to adopt housing elements, which map out and detail a city’s strategy for zoning for meeting their state and regionally mandated affordable housing goals. Encinitas is the only city in San Diego County that does not have a recent element, which hampers its ability to get certain grants and has put it in a precarious legal situation with developers and affordable housing advocates.

The meeting date has not been announced.


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