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Starting next week, the city of Encinitas will begin repaving several of its streets. Photo courtesy city of Encinitas

City to begin serious road repaving work

ENCINITAS — Encinitas is kicking off a serious major road repaving projects Monday as it resurfaces two of its major thoroughfares.

Crews will be removing the top five inches of pavement and replacing it with a slurry seal. City officials said the streets were chosen because of their degraded condition and because they are heavily traveled arterials within the city.

On Monday, crews will start work on El Camino Real from Mountain Vista Drive and Via Montero and Leucadia Boulevard from Piraeus Street to Saxony Drive.

The resurfacing is scheduled to last a month, and the majority of the work will occur between 9 p.m. and 6 a.m. to avoid interrupting commutes.

The second and final phase of the project target several clusters of dilapidated residential streets, and is scheduled to begin in mid-October. The following streets will be affected:

Birmingham Drive, from Lake Drive to Crest Drive

Crest Drive, from Sprucewood Drive to 100 feet west of Horizon Drive

D Street, from Vulcan Avenue to San Dieguito Drive

E Street, from Second Street to Third Street

F Street, from Third Street to the west end (Removal and replacement of pavement in poor condition only. No overlay will be done on this street)

F Street, from Highway 101 to Third Street

G Street, from Highway 101 to Third Street

H Street, from Highway 101 to Third Street

Hermes Street, from Cereus Street to Union Street

I Street, from Highway 101 to Third Street

J Street, from Highway 101 to Third Street

J Street, from Vulcan Avenue to Cornish Drive

K Street, from Highway 101 to Third Street

Manchester Avenue, from Chesterfield Drive to Norfolk Drive

Melba Road, from Balor to Crest Drive

Newport Avenue, from Kilkenny Drive to the south end

Piraeus Street, from Olympus Street to Ocean View

Third Street, from B Street to K Street

Via Tavira, from Via Molena to North End

Village Center Drive, from Hummock Lane to Gardendale Road

Wandering Road, from Rambling Road to Elon Lane

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just me September 12, 2014 at 9:23 pm

Are you sure that this is really as big of an undertaking as it appears? I think that the Cummins lawsuit in 2012 showed that the City at that time was $340,000,000 behind on road repairs since funds were being taken out and put into the General Fund account.

Is this a real fix or a PR fix?

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