City plans community workshops

VISTA — Over a year ago, Vista residents updated the city’s most important community planning document, the General Plan. The public shared their visions for the future of Vista. Since then, city planners have been working to incorporate the community’s visions into a reality. Land use and community identity are two of the most important elements of the General Plan for creating, preserving and enhancing a unique city.
Vista is a city with many types of neighborhoods. City planners are attempting to identify what makes each neighborhood unique by asking how the neighborhood is different from others, and what special qualities or places are unique to that neighborhood.
The city is inviting the public to share what they think is unique and special about their neighborhoods at several neighborhood workshops. The meetings are scheduled from 6 to 8 p.m. in five different areas of the city.
The next workshop will be held Nov. 5 at Grapevine Elementary, located at 630 Grapevine Road. There will also be a meeting on Nov. 6 at Breeze Hill Elementary, located at 1111 Melrose Way.
For more details, contact the city of Vista 2030 information line at (760) 643-2891 or visit