City planner talks to the League of Women Voters

CARLSBAD — The League of Women Voters North Coast recently heard from Mike Grim, senior planner for the city of Carlsbad, about preserving open space and trails in the city of Carlsbad. The meeting, held at the Faraday Center, featured discussion with Grim about defining various parcels of remaining open space and the preserve system, who owns the property and how it is monitored or preserved.
The open space and trail maps provided were useful in visualizing the remaining undeveloped spaces. The diverse nature of the land opened up a dialogue about how complex and expensive it is to preserve lagoons, canyons, undeveloped private lands and slopes nears homes. Caretakers include not only private and public landowners, but also city, state and federal agencies.
Grim reminded the league members that all residents can help preserve the natural surroundings around the community and in the preserves. The pamphlet, Carlsbad Preserve System, available at the city of Carlsbad libraries, indicates what residents are able to do. Protecting the open land close to homes and on the edge of the open space preserves involves knowing what is desired in landscape planning, managing activity of pets, staying on trails, and understanding the habits of wildlife.
Community members are encouraged to volunteer in environmental groups, city-sponsored activities, or just become active in preserving the trail or canyon near one’s own home.
For more information, contact the League of Women Voters (760) 736-2608.


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