City looks to develop low-income housing

OCEANSIDE — The city of Oceanside is soliciting Requests for Proposals, or RFPs, for a joint venture residential development opportunity on a parcel of vacant real property in the city of Oceanside.
The parcel is on the northeast corner of Cleveland and Washington Streets adjacent to the Redevelopment District. RFPs is due Jan. 15, 2010. The city is seeking proposals from individuals and entities with the financial capacity to develop the property, and have experience working with government agencies. The city is desirous of including a low-income housing component.
Prospective partners will be required to undertake their own independent investigation of the parcel and meet all the criteria the city has established for a qualified partner. The RFP for the property is available on the city of Oceanside Web site at
Joint venture development applicant selection is anticipated to occur through the process outlined and described on the RFP.


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