City employee resigns after his arrest for alleged lewd acts with a minor

OCEANSIDE — David Manley, Oceanside neighborhood services division manager, resigned on Oct. 13, following his arrest and detainment on charges of alleged lewd or lascivious acts with a minor.

City Attorney John Mullen said city officials were notified by Oceanside police that San Bernardino County sheriffs had an arrest warrant for Manley in late September.

Upon notification of his pending arrest, Manley, 46, was put on administrative leave. After charges were filed he remained on leave without pay.

The city initially launched its own investigation. Once San Bernardino pressed charges, Oceanside suspended its investigation due to the alleged crime occurring in another jurisdiction.

Manley and his male partner Carlos Garcia, 43, were both charged and arrested for alleged lewd acts with a minor under age 14.

Both have pled not guilty and face separate hearings.

The alleged incidents are reported to have occurred between March 2008 and March 2010, Christopher Koch, attorney for Manley, said there is no specified date the alleged felony occurred.

Manley is now in custody at West Valley Detention Center in Rancho Cucamonga.

His hearing at San Bernardino County Superior Court is set for Oct. 20. Koch said he has no comments on the case at this time.

Manley worked for the city of Oceanside for 21 years, and was well regarded. Oceanside Mayor Jim Wood said Manley was a good employee.

He was hired as a technical assistant in June 1995, and worked his way up through the ranks serving as code enforcement officer, code enforcement manager and neighborhood services division manager. His job did not entail working directly with minors.

His total annual pay as of December 2015 was $119,206.


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