Charity League celebrates philanthropies

COAST CITIES — The San Diego del Norte Chapter of National Charity League held its third annual All Ticktocker Day Feb. 4 at Solana Santa Fe Elementary School. The chapter-wide event is attended by all Ticktockers and its purpose is to provide an educational and hands-on philanthropy event highlighting a few of the 26 philanthropies it serves.
During the educational portion of the afternoon, Ticktockers were treated to talks by Bob Davis of the Helen Bernardy Center for Medically Fragile Children, (affiliated with Rady Children’s Hospital) and Hilary Patterson of the Salvation Army. They spoke about their jobs and in what ways NCL Ticktockers can help the children and adults they support.
Hands-on projects included decorating picture frames for the Miracle League opening-day team photos, stuffing Valentine bags for San Pasqual Academy students, and making Valentines for the children patients at the Helen Bernardy center.
Chapter Grade Level Advisors were on hand to help organize the projects and provide assistance, and the day was organized by the Ticktocker Council representatives and Ticktocker Vice Presidents Loraine Dyson and Vicki Minteer. The Ticktocker Council representatives are Gina Schoelen, Catherine Hedrick, Kelly Boutelle, Nathalie Kourie, Cameron Klaus and Zoe Stephenson.