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Chargers take a second look at Oceanside for their stadium site

OCEANSIDE — The Chargers are taking a second look at Oceanside as a possible location for the new Chargers stadium after the organization considered and dismissed the Goat Hill property, where the Oceanside municipal golf course sits, earlier this year.
“They were highly interested in the location, but decided against it,” Mayor Jim Wood said. “They stated the reason as not enough space for parking.”
Now the Valley Drive In property on Mission Avenue may be under consideration. The site is available after plans to build a mall on the land were halted.
Will the Chargers move in? “We’ll have to leave it at rumors right now,” Wood said.
In July, Wood was asked to sit in on a discussion between Chargers representatives and the owners of the Valley Drive In site about the possibility of the Chargers Stadium being built there. Since the land is private property, its sale would not need a municipal vote.
The first big hurdle the Chargers would face in building the stadium on the site would be getting an OK from the Federal Aviation Administration due to the property’s close proximity to the Oceanside Municipal Airport. “Plans can’t go forward without addressing the airport,” Wood said.
If the Chargers did buy the site there are options they can pursue to work with the airport. “They can try to shut it (the airport) down and pay a large fine,” Wood said. “Or relocate the airport to an acceptable location.”
The economic benefits of the stadium would be a boom for Oceanside. “It could be positive for both sides if they address the airport issue,” Wood said.
If the land is purchased and FAA regulations are met, construction of the stadium would need to go through the development process and be OK’d by City Council.