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CERT-trained man saves a life

RANCHO SANTA FE — A man who graduated from Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District’s Community Emergency Response Team, or CERT, training in November found himself putting his training to use when he saved a life by performing the Heimlich maneuver.
Daniel Waldorf was out to dinner with friends Dec. 1 when a member of his party began choking on a bite of pizza. Waldorf saw Tania Andrade inhale the pizza and instantly knew she was choking. Her hands went up to her throat, she sat straight up, her face turned red and she gasped for air. He asked Andrade if she was choking and she nodded, so Waldorf pulled her out of her seat, wrapped his arms around her middle, and gave three upward thrusts to her stomach, dislodging the pizza.
“Because of CERT I was able to notice her choking right away and react quickly,” Waldorf said. “The whole event was very scary for all of us there. Honestly I hope to never have to see that happen again, but if it does I know I am prepared to deal with it calmly.”
CERT is an all-hazard, all-risk training program designed to teach how to protect yourself, your family, your neighbors and community during a disaster situation. The Rancho Santa Fe Fire District’s CERT program is free for adults 16 years of age and older who live or work within the Rancho Santa Fe Fire Protection District. To obtain more information on upcoming training, visit, or call (858) 756-5971, ext. 149.