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Celebrity mosaics auction to benefit Surfrider Foundation

CARLSBAD — The ocean-themed Lego brick creations created by celebrities are surprisingly artistic, said many who came out for the unveiling Aug. 11.
The pieces are currently on display at the Sea Life Aquarium at the Legoland California Resort.
Supermodels Brook Shields and Heidi Klum; actors Al Pacino, Steve Carell and Jamie Lee Curtis; and local skateboarder Tony Hawk all donated their works of art to be auctioned on a Web site to benefit the Surfrider Foundation.
“Most worked on them with their kids,” said Julie Estrada, with Legoland California Resort’s public relations department. “They just wanted to have fun with their kids to benefit the Surfrider Foundation, one of the worlds largest nonprofit foundations.”
Hawk, who made the mosaic with his 10-year-old son, said the project only took about an hour.
“I told Spencer to make any kind of sea life he wants and then I will create a skateboard underneath it,” Hawk said. “Spencer is our family Lego expert, and I am our family skateboard expert. Being an avid surfer and beach dweller, he is excited to help keep our coasts clean and healthy.”
Although the “kits” were mailed out, Estrada said most have been to the park at one time or another. Many come with their children and call ahead; however, some have “just shown up,” creating a stir in the park, Estrada said.
The park is celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year. Sea Life Aquarium opened last year, and has been a popular addition to the experience, city officials said.
“We have been trying to work with the Surfrider for some time, their message is exactly what we want to convey with our new Sea Life Aquarium,” Estrada said.
Kids for Peace, a local nonprofit organization, was on hand for the unveiling of the mosaics.
“Kids for Peace is an organization dedicated to ‘uplifting our world through love and action,’” Jill McManigal, the director of the organization, said. “Kids for Peace children were thrilled to help Sea Life Aquarium celebrate its first birthday. Our kids love to be part of anything which cares for and protects our oceans. Sea Life Aquarium is certainly doing that.”
To bid on the Lego mosaics, visit