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C’bad’s Teen Scene spotlights local talent

CARLSBAD — Local teens were given the opportunity to display their talent Jan. 24 when the Carlsbad Recreation Department held its annual Teen Scene competition.
According to Rachael Shay, the sixth annual event, held at the Calaveras Community Center, was a big success drawing more than 600 attendees.
The main competition of the event was the Battle of the Bands. The competition included nine local bands who were judged on their performances by musicians Michael Tiernan, Veronica May and Steven Ybarra, along with writer and music reviewer Tim Mudd.
Each band was given 20 minutes to show the judges and the crowd that they were the best. The acts ranged from a drum line to heavy metal and alternative rock.
Members of the alternative rock band Without Warning livened up the crowd in the early evening. The group of musicians from Oceanside’s El Camino High School inspired “teenaged adrenaline-fueled dancing,” with their music, and have said they are influenced by bands such as Blink-182 and AFI.
“We love the people who come to our shows,” lead vocalist Matt Berry said.
“Especially our friends who just hang out, having a good time,” lead guitarist Chris Dobbins added.
Although Without Warning was one of the crowd favorites, in the end, the punk rock band Tan Sister Radio, of Encinitas, won the title of “Carlsbad Battle of the Bands 2009 Champion.”
Taking second place was alternative rock band One Way Flight from Carlsbad, and third place went to Bigg Nife, the alternative funk band from Oceanside.
According to event organizers, the judges crowned the winners based on crowd response, but also on stage presence, instrumental talent, vocals and originality.
“Especially vocals and originality,” Ybarra said. An award-winning songwriter and former front-man with the bands Liquid Groove and 34Below, Ybarra has played with the likes of the Gin Blossoms, Hootie and the Blowfish and Lit.
Now with a solo career, the local resident and Carlsbad High School alumni had advice to the aspiring musicians.
“Don’t give up, or get discouraged” Ybarra said. “Try to get feedback and constructive criticism and work on that.” Above all else, he added, “Have fun with it.”
Teen Scene also included a Wii Guitar Hero Aerosmith video game competition, an art exhibit, a festival of film shorts and a fashion show. All the works of art, the film shorts, and the fashion designs were “teen originals,” said event organizers.