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Carlsbad’s art scene steps it up with Thursdays on the Coast

CARLSBAD — If you attended the inaugural Thursdays on the Coast in Carlsbad Village on July 30, it wasn’t truly the first time Carlsbad has hosted a summertime arts festival. However, this year is the first time it has operated under the new moniker.
“Last year it was called Art Surf,” said Robin Young, one of the planners for the event. “We decided that last time it was so much fun, we decided to do it again. We put together a great committee and we worked up some different ideas. We just wanted to class it up a little bit.”
Art studios all across Carlsbad Village had art set up on the sidewalks, displaying the best of what they had to the passing public. “I have seen a lot of people come in tonight who are really excited about the art walk,” said Raziah Roushan, an artist with Studio 2 and The Foundry. “We’ve had a few people from downtown San Diego who heard about the event stop by. We’ve had a lot of foot traffic here at The Foundry.”
The Foundry had many unique pieces in it, including an autobiographical photo collage by Ron Juncal. “It’s just made up of hundreds of photographs I had stored from my life,” he said. “The inside black and white figure in the center is from the early part of my life. The spiral parts around it are family and friends. It’s like a spinning collage of my most recent life. I have stuff like my birth certificate on there, old Christmas wish lists, my first dog. It’s a way to express your life in one thing rather than a box of photos you have to go through.”
Visual art wasn’t the only work on display. A short film was showing at the Paul Bartl Gallery at the New Village Arts Center, which is next to The Foundry. At Giacoletti’s Music on Carlsbad Village Drive, students from their music school performed on the sidewalk, gathering crowds of people as they passed.
Young and her committee aren’t the only ones who are excited about the event. “There has been a group of us working on arts in the village for the better part of 20 years,” Carlsbad City Councilman Matt Hall said. “We’ll be doing this the next few Thursdays through October.”
“These art walks are great,” Bryan Snyder of Snyder Art and Design said. “Carlsbad’s really looking for an artistic identity.”
“These events have gone beyond my wildest dreams,” Paul Uhler of the Ivanffy-Uhler Gallery added. “I think the third one will be even more impressive.”
To see more pictures and videos from the event, visit


Monty Sullivan August 8, 2009 at 10:41 am

Great article. I was in the Village for Thursdays On The Coast, and it was an amazing evening. Who was that opera singer and classical group at Le Passage? I had no idea Carlsbad had talent like that. Where have they been hiding them? How do I see videos and more pictures of the evening, couldn’t find link on website. I want to share the link. When is next Thursdays? I’m bringing friends.

Snyder Art August 8, 2009 at 11:31 am

Carlsbad is full of “closet artists” whom create, yet rarely have the opportunity to show their work. These events provide the stage!!!

Thanks all who participated and the Coast News for your coverage.

J Houston August 9, 2009 at 9:19 am

The promotion and exquisitely beautiful flyer for “Thursdays on the Coast” (arts in Carlsbad) made us very sorry to miss the event! Our vacation ended with a return trip home to NYC on the Wednesday before, but we’ll definitely plan ahead for next year. “Beauty and the Blokes” was such fun to hear & as we walked thru town, the impresssive art scene of Carlsbad stood out. Good article.

Bryan Snyder August 20, 2009 at 10:27 am

To see what I was sketching, go to…

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