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Carlsbad to permanently ban mini-satellite wagering

CARLSBAD — “Staff has determined that mini-satellite wagering threatens the public health and safety of Carlsbad residents and citizens,” explained city Planner Kevin Pointer, at Tuesday’s council meeting.

The City Council is in the process of permanently banning mini-satellite wagering, which coincides with the city’s general ban of gambling establishments.

Pointer said that such a facility could result in an increase in crime and gambling addiction within the city.

Games such as Bingo that isn’t run by a nonprofit, and card rooms, are already outlawed in the city’s municipal code.

The city first addressed mini-satellite wagering, the betting on horse races at restaurants and casinos outside of an actual racetrack, last spring when a restaurateur applied to open a Silky Sullivan’s Race and Sports Bar.

City staff at the time expressed concerns that mini-satellite wagering, like other forms of gambling, could conflict with the proposed General Plan Vision and Goals, which emphasizes a small town feel, family-oriented activities and active lifestyles.

Council approved a series of emergency ordinances that will prohibit mini-satellite wagering through April 29.

With the emergency ordinances set to expire at the end of the month, Pointer brought forth ordinances that would permanently ban mini-satellite wagering.

Without discussion, council members unanimously approved a temporary ordinance that would ban mini-satellite wagering for the next year and the introduction of a subsequent ordinance to amend Carlsbad’s municipal code to ban it forever.

Council will adopt the amendment to the city’s municipal code at a future meeting.

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1 comment

Jeff April 25, 2014 at 11:38 am

So – lottery tickets are still allowed to be sold everywhere? I guess that kind of gambling (like bingo games, etc.) doesn’t threaten “the public health and safety of Carlsbad residents and citizens”…

Anyone else see the hypocrisy in this decision?

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