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Carlsbad sees progress on goals

CARLSBAD — Several prioritized projects are beginning to bear fruit.

Jason Haber, assistant to City Manager Kevin Crawford, reported to the City Council on Feb. 27 an update of the five high-level goals adopted by the council several years ago.

Those goals include becoming a leader in multi-modal transportation, a new City Hall, enhancing the coastline, trenching the railroad tracks in Carlsbad Village, the Terramar and Tamarack projects and vitality in the Village and Barrio.

The council adopted a resolution on Aug. 15, 2017, approving the plan, which details the strategies, tasks, schedules and budgets for each task undertaken by city staff. Each project has several components and the investment by the city is in the millions.

Some plans, such as the trenching, will take years to design, fund and complete, but are in line with the council’s process.

“In the 2016 workshop, the council shifted to less projects, to more higher level and a longer planning horizon,” Haber said. “Each year we come back and check in (with the council).”

As for traffic, city staff is updating the Traffic Impact Analysis and developing the transportation demand management ordinance to meet the General Plan and sustainability mobility plan.

The adaptive traffic signal program went through a pilot program in summer 2017, while bids for traffic signal equipment is open. The traffic signal master plan is also in the works as staff has accounted for all traffic signal equipment has been inventories and identified existing signal conduit for fiber optic cables.

The plan for a new city hall, meanwhile, is underway as the council approved a space planning analysis, which is expected to be completed later this year.

Enhancing Carlsbad’s coastline and beach access is also underway in the form of the Ocean Street Beach Access Improvement Project. Two of the biggest projects, the Terramar Area and Tamarack Area coastal projects, are still in the design phase, but movement to execution is expected in the next several months. Both projects are expected to begin next winter.

Trenching the railroad tracks through the Village is one of the long-term projects still in its early stages. Developing final design and funding plans, engaging the North County Transit District and San Diego Association of Governments and executing a memorandum of understanding with those entities is projected for this spring.

In addition, work with NCTD, SANDAG and the Federal Railroad Administration for a below-street alternative is slated to begin this summer and completed next winter. A total of $6 million for theses goals remains unfunded.

“We are slipping in our projected timeline a bit,” Haber said. “We anticipate a memorandum of understanding with the city, SANDAG and NCTD and using state and federal lobbyists for our funding plan.”

As for the Village and Barrio, the master plan has been released and will go before the council in the spring. The parking management plan will be implemented next winter as will sidewalk and ADA improvements.

The public plaza and right-of-way programming assessment to enhance public safety budget is undetermined, and will be known after the bidding process, while the assessment will not begin until after the completion of the Village and Barrio Implementation Plan.

The 2018 city council goals workshop is slated for March 20.

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