Carlsbad schools reach union agreements

CARLSBAD — At its June 27 meeting, the Carlsbad Unified School District (CUSD) Board of Trustees approved a 2012-13 agreement between the District and the Carlsbad Unified Teachers Association (CUTA), which represents approximately 550 certificated staff. Previously, at its June 13 meeting, the board approved the 2012-2013 agreement between the district and the Laborers International Union of North America (LIUNA) Local 777, which represents approximately 425 classified staff.Together, the groups represent more than 92 percent of all CUSD employees. The remainder of staff are designated as confidential, supervisory and management.

The CUTA agreement includes adjustments that equal $1.32 million in 2012-13. With a compensation reduction of 2.71 percent, certificated staff will take five furlough days, including three instructional furlough days (Oct. 8, Feb. 14, May 24) that will shorten the school year to 177 days.

The LIUNA agreement includes adjustments that equal $534,000 in 2012-13. With a compensation reduction of 1.3 percent, classified staff will take the same three furlough days as certificated staff. The remaining 8 percent of management, supervisory and confidential employees will take a compensation cut of 2.83 percent, saving the district approximately $98,000 in 2012-13. Board members cut their own compensation by slightly more than 2.83 percent; from $400 to $388/month.

In addition to compensation, the approved agreements contain other adjustments. More information is at


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