Carlsbad High School TV is entering its 10th year of productions. The students receive the “Award of Excellence” at the Student Television Network Convention in Dallas, Texas. Courtesy photo

Carlsbad high school has award-winning broadcast program

CARLSBAD — When Carlsbad High School TV embarked on its first series of broadcasts 10 years ago, it did so with very humble beginnings. 

Nestled inside a portable classroom, the group created a newsroom, control room and studio all under one roof.

Despite its early challenges, in its first year of operations, CHSTV (Carlsbad High School TV) still netted four Emmy Awards.

A decade later, CHSTV broadcasts from a cutting-edge on campus studio and continues to accept more prestigious awards since its productions attract both regional and national attention. 
“Today our program is a robust live broadcast and for four consecutive years we have enjoyed the ‘No. 1’ ranking in the United States in the category of ‘Daily, Live Broadcasting,’” said Doug Green, adviser at CHSTV. 
Green wants people to know that their group is recognized for its “real life intensity” as students report on breaking news, community happenings and student events.

CHSTV branched out into the filmmaking scene, as well.

“Our documentary films have won international acclaim,” Green said. “Our first film, ‘We Must Remember’ documents the experience of 16 high school students who discover the horror of the Holocaust while making a film on the Holocaust.”

It aired on KPBS.

Its most recent film titled “One in Seven: The New Face of Hunger,” focuses on how San Diego County families, including military families, are grappling with food insecurities.

This 24-minute documentary recently received honors at the Lake Arrowhead Film Festival.

Additionally, CHSTV earned its fourth consecutive “Award of Excellence” title at the Student Television Network Convention in Dallas. Green describes this award as the Oscar of scholastic broadcasting.

“What is wonderful about this specific award is that it is really a testament to the contribution of all of the students in the class,” he said. “The award honors the kind of teamwork that is required to produce a world-class live news broadcast.”

Most recently, students walked away with an iVIE Award, sponsored by the San Diego County Office of Education. Also known as Innovative Video in Education, the students produced a moving broadcast journalism piece called “Rachel’s Story” about a community joining together for a cause.

Green believes one of the reasons CHSTV has been so successful is that the students are proud of the broadcasting program, which triggers them to achieve excellence.

Green added, “I think they win awards because the effort they place in their work for the class puts them in a position where they are seen as raising the bar for other high schools.”

Daniel Blomberg, an exchange student from Sweden, calls his experiences at CHSTV an amazing experience. Blomberg stepped into CHSTV with no broadcasting knowledge and has walked out with more than he ever thought possible.

“CHSTV has helped me develop some incredible talents,” said Blomberg, 19. While working with fellow students and learning about high tech devices, his biggest accomplishment was acquiring courage when he anchored and reported. He gained more confidence with his English skills.

“I cannot thank Mr. Green enough for the opportunity he has given me,” he said.

As far as Blomberg is concerned, Green was brave to take him on knowing beforehand he had no knowledge in the field whatsoever. But he’s grateful Green did.

“I have become another person this year, compared to the person who left Sweden 9.5 months ago,” he said, noting that he’ll return back home to Sweden this summer.

Like any team, Green said, his students share a camaraderie that keeps them very close. Above all, Green has noticed how CHSTV takes great pride in its broadcasts which has positive side effects.

“The show is not afraid to ask tough questions and not afraid to challenge authority, but they also see that a lot of ‘good’ comes from what they do in terms of bringing together a very large campus for 10 minutes a day,” Green said. “Most of all, I think the students recognize, and they receive this feedback from others, that the class helps them grow as individuals.”


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Larry Zeiger June 25, 2012 at 2:51 pm

Congratulations to the students and wonderful staff at Carlsbad High School – this is a wonderful accomplishment by so many creative and talented individuals working together!
The entire community is proud of you!

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