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Carlsbad City Council members take pay cut

CARLSBAD — Last month City Council approved a mid-year reduction in the budget, and this month they approved a reduction in wages for themselves.
“The cuts apply to the current fiscal year,” said Kristina Ray, the city’s new communications manager. “Most likely there will be cuts for next year as well.”
City Council members said Feb. 10 they should lead by example, and that it is “proper” to set the tone during these tough economic times.
“The council decided a couple weeks ago that because of current economic conditions, we should take a reduction is salary,” Mayor Bud Lewis said.
Effective immediately, council members will now receive $1,389 per month, down from $1,462 per month. Lewis receives $100 per month more than the council members.
Last month the council voted to reduce spending by cutting a little more than $5 million from its $113 million budget. A reduction of services and a hiring freeze are two ways they hope to achieve their goal.
“The same fiscal discipline that has served us well over the years will also help the city weather this economic storm,” said Lisa Irvine, finance director with the city of Carlsbad.