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Cardiffians excited for pictorial history publication

Due May 30
A 128-page photo-packed book based on the history of Cardiff-by-the-Sea will be the subject of a book signing at 11:30 a.m. May 30 in the library’s community room.
Author and publisher is ace reporter Wehtahnah Tucker, who covers the news exclusively for The Coast News. In gathering material for her book, Wehtahnah spent months interviewing Cardiffians, several who grew up in the community. During her research she learned that the popular Besta Wan Pizza House at 148
Aberdeen Drive was originally a residence so she will be doing a book signing there.
San Marcos goals
Doable goals during the current economic period are being developed by San Marcos council electeds. Storm water management, public safety, finance and traffic management have been discussed during workshops. Plan is to eventually include them in the city’s general plan that last was overhauled in 1987.

Yard Fairy

Diane Downey of C’bad who doubles as the Yard Fairy has oodles of tips and suggestions on starting a community garden and developing low-water use landscaping. She can be reached at

Budget workshop

Flower Capital residents will have an opportunity to weigh-in on the city’s budget at a council workshop April 29.
Expanded convention facilities
Financing is the major obstacle for expanding the Harbor City’s convention center. In spite of the economic crunch, there’s consensus that larger conventions will come and bring lottsa coin if the facilities are increased. Cost of an additional 500,000 square feet of space has been pegged at $500 mil. but is possible with a bigger bite of a transient occupancy tax.

City fees going up

At least two North County cities are wrestling with increasing fees for services. Folks in the Surfside City will have the opportunity to express their opinion on higher water and sewer fees during a meeting May 26. In O’side, residents are facing higher fees when they rent community facilities or require a ride in an ambulance after July 1. In contrast, council electeds in the Harbor City unanimously shot down Mayor Jerry Sanders’ effort to raise street parking fees. In Nevada an effort to impose a prostitution tax in the counties where it is legal never got out of committee.

Harnessing growing bizznesses

Just when folks of all ages in growing numbers are having their torsos pierced, Vista is heavily regulating tattoo parlors. This growing industry, once mostly located in back alleys and raunchy streets, is now located in shopping centers. Banned are smoking lounges where hookahs (communal pipes) are used to ingest aromatic tobaccos.

News writers

A coppla weeks ago it was noted that the readership of The Coast News Group’s publications was growing by leaps and bounds according to a recent survey. Credit was attributed to the CN’s pro staff of reporters. Who are they? The team includes Jeannie Sprague-Bentley in C’bad; Bianca Kaplanek, Surfside City and Solbeach; David Wiemers, Rancho Santa Fe and Whispering Palms; Wehtahnah
Tucker, Encinitas, Cardiff-by-the-Sea, Olivenhain and Leucadia; Promise Yee, O’side & Campen; Randy Kalp, crime and courts; Gideon Marcus, San Marcos and Vista; and Jean Gillette, community news. Laurie Sutton is captain of
the team and Eric Murtaugh is the quarterback. Collectively, they gotcha covered.

Money & time wasters

The proposed desalination plant at Encina has been studied, evaluated and scrutinized during the past several years and has been approved by legislative bodies including the Coastal Commission. Still some groups continue to throw roadblocks to prevent the project from moving forward. Enough already! It’s time to begin assessing stiff penalties against these obstructors. With a drought predicted this summer and water from the Pacific Ocean being the solution, folks should demand immediate action. Too much time and coin has already been flushed down the sewer.
Hospital development
Busloads of residents and a big turnout of adjacent residents of Scripps Hospital were responsible for a marathon Planning Commish hearing that lasted past midnight recently. Kudos to the commissioners as well as the folks
who remained until all were heard. While there appeared to be overall approval of the expansion, there was concern about traffic and parking on nearby streets. One need only visit the Surfside City to see how all day parking by employees of downtown businesses spills out into the neighborhoods.


C’bad, Vista and San Marcos have received better than ever credit ratings from Standard & Poor’s … The Governator is out stumping for approval of next month’s ballot measures that are facing considerable opposition … Harbor City Council elected Ben Hueso has already announced he is running for a state assembly seat … San Fran Mayor Gavin Newsom wants to succeed the Governator in 2010 … Mike Hogan has retired as manager of Encina Waste Water Authority after decades of civic service … The controversial Olivenhain shopping complex has been scrapped … San Dieguito River Park JPA will name a pedestrian-bicycle bridge over Lake Hodges for David Kreitzer of Rancho Bernardo when it is built … Sports betting, now prohibited in most of the country, will be legal if a lawsuit in a federal court rules that it should be … Nonprofit orgs that would like to be considered for exhibit space at the County Fair, June 12 to July 5, have until May 1 to file an application, according to Talin Hartounian, the fair’s PR lady … Cardiffian Francine Busby will try for the third time to unseat U.S. Rep. Brian Bilbray in the 50th District in 2010.

Hasta la Vista