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The annual Cardiff Surf Classic features some of the area’s best surfers facing off in competition. Photo by Tony Cagala
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Cardiff Surf Classic & Green Expo

ENCINITAS — The annual Cardiff Surf Classic and Green Expo featured some of the area’s best surfers facing off in a contest coupled with an environmental beach fair Oct. 10 and Oct. 11 at Cardiff Reef. The Cardiff 101 Main hosts the event with their mission to bring environmental awareness to the coastal communities.

Artist Kevin Anderson paints a seascape during Saturday’s event at Cardiff Reef. Photo by Tony CagalaBrooks Brydges rolls around in some soapy foam from Dr. Bronner’s Magic Foam Experience. Photo by Tony CagalaJade Morgan, riding for Hansen’s Surf Shop, surveys the waves before paddling out in the Cardiff Surf Classic. Photo by Tony CagalaFuller Phillipy, 3, plays in the sand with a crab and his favorite shark. Photo by Tony CagalaGrace Harrison, 5, has some fun riding a surfboard back to the beach. Photo by Tony Cagala