Eye on the Coast

Cardiff sculpture garners nationwide attention

Cardiff surfin!
The bronze surfer sculpture that has been the object of lottsa brickbats is still reaping attention a month after it was encased in the jaws of a papier-mache shark. Unfortunately, city officials saw the need to destroy it when it was attracting a constant flow of onlookers and, yes, admirers. The statue made its debut in 2007 and remains but the shark is now history. There are scads of pix and videos being shown all over the country. Cardiff-by-the-Sea’s reputation as the surfin’ capital of the universe has further been enhanced by some creative minds. How will the surfer appear next? Who knows. Recently a poem by the late The Coast News columnist Bob Nanninga engraved in granite was installed at the base through the efforts of Mike Clark and Keith Shillington.
Service please
Council electeds, city employees and commissioners will be the celebrity servers at the 13th annual spaghetti dinner fundraiser hosted by the Encinitas Senior Center on Aug. 30. Serving will start at 5:30 p.m., a half-hour earlier than the council electeds are used to coming to order. The word is they’ll be ready. Tab is a modest $10 and that includes entertainment by the famous Peter Sprague Trio.
Lofty endeavor
A citizen’s volunteer group in the Surfside City is in the process of raising $276,770 to install a wayside horn to quiet tooting horns when trains whiz through the city. Committee is headed by Herschell Price, longtime opponent of the racket — particularly in the early ayem. Mayor Richard Ernest is on the committee. North County Transit District folks think it’s a great idea but haven’t put up any cash.
Lottsa alkaline
It’s a fact that the closeness of the ocean water table on the surface of the racetrack may be a factor in its condition becuz of the flowing tides. It’s not a scientific finding just an opinion, however, because when the turf course was installed the early species of grass fared poorly becuz of the alkaline.
Great idea
According to published reports, New York state electeds work without pay when the budget is past due. Currently, it’s reported to be four months late and that’s a lotta bread to be without. Great idea for a Golden State policy and it might happen if Prop. 25 is adopted.
Release the report
Flower Capital council candidate Tony Kranz repeated his request at the July 21 meeting for the release of a streets management report for which the city ponied up in the neighborhood of 70 grand. Was to be completed months ago. Likely, it’s still sitting on a desk. Release it.
Hall of famer
Flower Capital resident Don Pierce, a retired jockey of national ranking, has been inducted into horse racing’s Hall of Fame. He joins Bill Hartack of Vista, also retired. Johnny Longden and Willie Shoemaker are other Hall of Famers who rode at Del Mar.
No but maybe yes
In the Harbor City a half-cent sales tax may be on the November ballot depending on the day of the week. Hizzoner Jerry Sanders has opposed it but is amenable to certain conditions. Councilwoman Donna Frye, who authored the bill, opposed it at the 11th hour surprising everyone but she left the door open. Will it fly? Last word is it will be voted on.
Due lottsa credit
Flower Capital Public Works Director Larry Watt due a heap of accolades for meeting tuff requirements to make his department the first in So Cal to achieve nationwide accreditation. More significant is the fact it’s only the fifth department in the state to be accredited.
Off-shore boozin’ ban
Just when party celebrants figured out a way to enjoy their adult beverages on Harbor City beaches by imbibing in the water, electeds enacted a law that forbids such a pleasure called Floatopia. The original ban was imposed when a few boozers caused a near riot a coppla years ago.
Ground broken
Restoration of Fletcher Cove community center is under way even though a fundraiser to pay for it has not been completed. The redo will be done in two phases and when finished it should increase its use considerably since it will be ADA compliant and accessible to all.
Seems like more highway closures for special events are occurring in Solbeach, which definitely impacts early ayem bizness, particularly during the races and beach activity. Lost bizness is not likely to be offset by revenue gained from these events. Time for electeds to consider allowing events when street closures are not involved.
Ranch’s Wags to Riches rummage sale to benefit Helen Woodward Animal Center is set for Aug. 22 at the facility … Congrats to the Ed Holians of Solbeach who celebrated their 70th anniversary of wedded bliss … San Dieguito associate supe Steve Ma has left the district to become veep of Monterey Peninsula College … SDG&E has announced a $600 mil. project to finance a wind farm along the Canadian border in order to meet green energy state mandated goals … O’side council electeds have decided against a citywide lighting assessment district.
Hasta la Vista