Candidate’s message trumped by political incorrectness

The political season is heating up and one person is dominating the news.
On Aug. 6 the first televised debate between the top 10 Republican candidates will take place. I’m not even sure there will be a Democratic debate. I guess Democrats are in love with Hillary Clinton despite Bernie Sanders drawing large crowds. On the Republican side, leading up to the debates is the dominance of Donald Trump in the media coverage.
As many of you are aware, I live half the year in mainland Mexico. I live among the Mexican people as an obvious minority. I understand what it is like to be a minority but I wouldn’t even think of trying to take advantage of the Mexican system by demanding that their government give me health care, food stamps, section eight housing and sanctuary from committing crimes.
Why the USA does this for illegals is beyond mind boggling. We even have more than 200 American sanctuary cities that protect illegals from deportation … including San Diego!
Donald Trump continues to make headlines because of his comments that Mexico doesn’t send its best.
He said that Mexico sends murderers, rapists and others who are not good for America and that “some are good people too I guess.” The press, the Democrats and even most of the Republican candidates all have gotten their panties up in a bunch over what the Donald had to say.
When you are a minority, like myself, you tend to tred softly, not to bring attention to yourself and for the vast majority of those who cross our border illegally (86.3 percent), all they want to do is reunite with family members and if they can earn in one hour what it takes them to make in a whole day doing menial labor, the illegals will continue to flood our country. Donald Trump took that issue on.
Donald Trump knows that Mexico can and will become the Southern Hemisphere’s next economic China.
That country is on the verge of exploding economically with all its untapped resources and Trump wants to exploit that to America’s favor through proper immigration and trade. He wants the illegals to come to America the right way through legal immigration and wants to shut the border down so that the eventual ISIS illegals don’t invade and set up shop in America.
Statistics can be manipulated to paint any picture an ideological author wants to paint.
But when our government’s own statistics point out that 3.5 percent of the population in the United States is illegal yet 13.7 percent of the prison population is made up of illegal immigrants, people should take note.
What Donald Trump stated had nothing to do with legal immigrants. He pointed out the obvious and so in our politically correct society today Trump is being portrayed as a racist and bigot.
Just two weeks ago a beautiful young woman, Kathyrn Steinle, who is the age of my son and just a tad younger than my youngest daughter, was shot and killed in San Francisco by an illegal immigrant who had been deported seven times.
My question, as is Trump’s, is how does someone break into our country seven times especially when that person has five felony convictions? Trump was not disparaging the Mexican people; he was disparaging our Swiss-cheese border protection. Trump wants a Wall of China on our southern border. If I were the father of Kate Steinle I would be asking, “How high?”
Many call Trump a fraud because he used to be a Democrat and has donated large sums in the past to Democratic candidates.
He isn’t stupid. Our system allows anyone to approach their elected representatives in an attempt to influence legislation in their favor. Trump also donated to Republican candidates.
Trump used to be for a path to citizenship for illegals. He was also pro-choice regarding abortion and at one time he was for universal health care.
None of those are platforms for the Republican Party so most all of hisopponents, Republican and Democrat, call Trump a fraud.
There is a caveat. Ronald Reagan was once a Democrat also. People and politicians evolve on issues. Just ask Hillary and Barack. Both campaigned for marriage between a man and woman just four years ago.
Today both call anyone against gay marriage a bigot. Americans evolve on issues and so do politicians.
The election cycle for 2016 is going to be interesting to say the least.
I will participate but I will also have a ringside seat down in Mexico watching to see how they react. At least it won’t be another boring election cycle that boils all of our country’s issues down to whether the American people will pay for a woman’s birth control pills or not or whether a woman earns as much as a man. It’s time Americans heard the real issues even if they’re coming from a mega-egomaniacal candidate.
To me, this guy is refreshing. I’m sick of America being portrayed as weak and spineless. Give me a bombastic leader that our enemies fear.
I guarantee you our enemies do not want Donald Trump leading this nation just like Iran feared Reagan and gave us back our hostages on day one of his presidency.
We need someone who cannot be bought off and isn’t afraid to say it like it is.
America needs someone that talks tough, can’t be bought and doesn’t care about political correctness. Thank God there’s one person who isn’t afraid to speak his mind without having advisors saying, “You’ll offend someone.” I’m sick of it and so are the American people. Again, this is going to be a quite interesting election cycle!

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