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Candidates disclose campaign earnings; Flock drops out of race

CARLSBAD — The field for two seats on the City Council got smaller on Monday.

Brian Flock, a realtor, withdrew his named from the race this week, which he announced in a post on Facebook.

Flock said the lack of campaign contribution limits and crowded field this year are the reasons for dropping out.

Flock said, “many experts believe” candidates must raise at least $100,000 to compete, while the lack of contribution limits makes for a “highly biased system.”

“Although I believe a win is possible with less than $100,000, clearly something is out of balance with Carlsbad politics,” he said. “I hope that the City Council will consider campaign finance limits for all future elections. I will continue to speak out on this subject in the future.”

Meanwhile, Monday was also the deadline for candidates to submit their campaign disclosure statements, otherwise known as Form 460. The form details contributions, expenditures and ending cash balance.

Incumbent Keith Blackburn has the largest war chest by more than $100,000 over his closest competitor.

He raised $13,932.80 from Jan. 1 through June 30, spent $3,564.60 and, including the money from his 2012 campaign, and has an ending cash balance of $132,336.66.

Fellow incumbent Lorraine Wood took in $18,148.91 over the same period, but had $6,8181.52 in expenditures. Her ending cash balance is $23,724.96, according to her campaign statement after money held over from her 2012 campaign was applied.

Bill Fowler raised $14,137, according to his campaign disclosure statement. He spent $1,570 and has an ending cash balance of $12,567.

However, most of Fowler’s campaign funds came from a $10,000 loan to himself and his largest donation is $250 from the Democratic Club of Carlsbad and Oceanside.

Ann Tanner, the former Carlsbad Unified School District trustee, had just $50 in the form of a loan to herself, her statement read.

Burkholder, meanwhile, received $2,100 in contributions and has yet to make an expenditure, according to her statement. She is supported by councilman Mark Packard, who donated $100 to her campaign.

Cori Schumacher raised $24,737.22, had $5,249.99 in expenditures for a $19,708.23 ending cash balance.

Flock’s criticism’s, meanwhile, of unlimited campaign contributions is notable for several candidates. Flock said those rules are biased toward the “establishment, special interests and the wealthy.”

For example, only three candidates to date — Blackburn, Wood and Schumacher — have individuals, a political action committee (PAC) or business, donate more than $1,000 to a specific campaign.

Blackburn received $3,000 from The California Real Estate PAC on April 5, while Carlsbad resident and Carlsbad Strawberry Company owner Jimmy Ikegawa donated $1,250, including $1,000 on Feb. 5, according to Blackburn’s campaign disclosure statement.

Other Blackburn donors over $1,000 include the Carlsbad Research Center Association ($1,500) and Ronnie Ferguson ($1,000).

Wood’s largest donations were $2,000 from Michael Totah, owner of The Wheel Inc., $1,500 from the Carlsbad Research Center Association and $1,000 from the Black Family Trust of Arthur or Victoria Black.

Schumacher largest donors include Donna Bower ($6,000), Marcel Verdugo ($2,000), Laura Drelleshak ($1,129), Lisa McKethan ($1,099.15) and Hope Nelson, Victoria Syage and Cynthia Conner, who each gave $1,000.

Tanner, meanwhile, tweeted this week that an unidentified donor will match every dollar donated to her campaign up to $10,000 through Aug. 17.


tomsquawk August 4, 2016 at 11:43 am

Flock is obviously new to parlor tricks (politiks). i am so tired of high school

Don August 4, 2016 at 8:14 pm

Thanks for writing this. Please remind people they have complete access to all of the details if they go to the city’s website and look under Open Govt and Financial Disclosures. It’s very enlightening to see exactly who is giving how much to which candidate. Notice that realtors and developers seem to favor the incumbents. Not much of a surprise there.

Princess Sheba August 5, 2016 at 8:24 am

Cori Schumacher and Ann Tanner are Carlsbad’s best hope for change. Dr. Packard, aka, “The fingers that linger,” is NO LONGER a voice in Carlsbad politics. Dr. Packard, Mayor Hall and the rest of the slow-minded council got dazzled by money and forgot their responsibilities!

Brian Flock August 5, 2016 at 8:33 am

Tom, you are correct. This was my first campaign and my eyes started to open within days of announcing my intention to run. I’m not establishment, I won’t be in the pocket of special interests, and I don’t have a bunch of wealthy friends in Carlsbad.

Don, just a clarification. I am a real estate broker who never defaults to support developers or the status quo, and in this case I was running in the opposition to the incumbents. Here’s a post that I wrote on this subject about 2 months ago:
I realize that there is confusion about candidates’ personal real estate interests in Carlsbad vs someone like me who simply helps people buy and sell homes to fit their life changes. Before this, I was a high-tech executive with a Computer Science degree and MBA so any generalizations probably won’t fit me well. 🙂

Don August 5, 2016 at 2:11 pm

My ire is strictly directed against the incumbents. Nothing against people who make an honest living regardless of how they do it. At this point I’d vote for a lump of coal before I’d vote for any of the current council.

Julie August 7, 2016 at 12:45 pm

I wonder if any candidates turned down funds from sources that made them uncomfortable?
THAT is the list the public would really like to see.
Having met Mr Flock, it was clear to me that in his real estate business he is more interested in selling HOMES than “Units”. He has seen some unsavory politics elsewhere in his life and has a sincere interest in keeping Carlsbad a place that good people want to call home.
Even though he is no longer running for council, I hope that he stays active and vocal. He reads. He thinks. He listens. He would not treat a council seat as an opportunity to be a human rubber stamp. I hope he uses this as a headstart on replacing Packard, who should either read or retire. Cori Schumacher created a headstart for herself – not because she had wealthy friends, but because she has been WORKING tirelessly for a full year for the same thing – keeping Carlsbad a good place that real people call home. Not a tabula rasa for the highest bidder.

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