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California universities gone broke

The budget cuts in the state of California have had a tremendous impact on the state-run universities.
In fact, the University of California San Diego has had to increase its tuition rates for the coming year.
It is also noted that UCSD, in the midst of budget crises, has created a new full-time “vice-chancellor for equity, diversity and inclusion” position.
This is interesting in the fact that UCSD has at least 16 other positions that include the Chancellor’s Diversity Office through the Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Resource Center and the Women’s Center, to mention a couple.
It would seem that diversity is well established and all bases are covered with the present line up of diversity programs. So why is another person being hired to do the same job as 16 others?
Are you as confused as I am?
This is another great example of duplication of effort and wasted taxpayer funds in the middle of an economic crisis in the great state of California.