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Broadband Internet service, upcoming elections topics of RSF Association meeting

RANCHO SANTA FE — Acting manager at the RSF Association, Ivan Holler, recently updated the RSF Association board of directors. Holler shared that in general terms that there were a couple high priority items on the checklist.

One pertained to broadband Internet service in the area.

“We are continuing to work on that as well as expanding wireless coverage,” he said. Holler shared they have had meetings with various carriers and providers and believes the end-result will be promising.

The next agenda item Holler addressed was to approve the board of directors’ election schedule for 2015.

“This is something your board would typically approve at this particular point in time because there is an action on Jan. 8,” he said, adding how it seemed to be well ahead of schedule. “This is a request for your board to approve the election schedule, for this board election, next June.”

Holler called it a fairly simple request.

President Ann Boon pointed out to the rest of the board that the first Thursday in January, when they would normally have their board meeting, was Jan. 1, a national holiday.

“Ivan is proposing that we have our meeting on Thursday, Jan. 8. Is that OK with everybody?” Boon asked.

Everyone on the board unanimously agreed to that with a time of 9 a.m.

Director Rochelle Putman moved to approve the 2015 Board of Director’s election schedule. Her motion was followed by all in favor.

Boon closed this agenda item by adding how they would be establishing a nominating committee Jan 8. For those who were volunteering to run, Boon asked that they reach out to Holler or her for further instructions.

The RSF Association can be reached by calling (858) 756-1174 or by email at