Border Patrol arrests 11 in sea smuggling attempt

DEL MAR – Border Patrol agents made the initial contact at around 2:30 a.m. Monday when 11 people tried to enter the country illegally by sea. 

All 11 people were arrested near 11th Street, according to Agent Jacapo Bruni.

“We were able, along with the 11 individuals, to get the vessel, which was used, which is a Zodiac and two vehicles that were intended to transport the subjects,” Bruni said.

The Zodiac-style boat used is different than the panga-style boats that have been used in similar events.

“Panga boats will be like an open-hull, fishing boat-style — a very primitive style boat,” Bruni said. Zodiac boats are more modern and have an inflatable hull. He described the two awaiting vehicles as “SUVs.”

After being apprehended, he said, the 11 people were transported to a local Border Patrol station for processing. “And as far as what the prosecution will be, or outcome, at this time is unknown, still,” Bruni said.

At this time the age range of those arrested has not been released, nor how many males and females were in the group.

The investigation is ongoing.

The Office of Air and Marine, part of the 19 federal, state and local agencies, known as ReCoM (Regional Coordinating Mechanism) to provide maritime law enforcement, was also involved.



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