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Boon reinstated as president, addresses the board and attendees

RANCHO SANTA FE — As board members settled into their seats, many attendees were interested in how the meeting would proceed. It was the first meeting of the board’s new fiscal year.

Following a heated campaign, Ann Boon was reinstated as president, Craig McAllister served as vice president, and newly elected board member Kim Eggleston secured a spot as treasurer.

Nearly five months ago, Boon was removed from her presidential position in a 5-2 vote among the Rancho Santa Fe Association Board.

“Welcome to the first meeting of our new fiscal year,” said Boon. “I would like to welcome our returning board members and especially welcome our first new board member,” said added, referring to Eggleston.

Addressing both the board and attendees, Boon went on to say she hoped that this initial meeting would focus on a renewed commitment to work together on the many issues and projects they have been working on this past year and those which are still in progress.

Boon wanted everyone to know of the current projects the board was involved and that they would make the organization run more efficiently while protecting the Ranch’s beautiful, rural community.

“For example, working with the fire department to remove dead and dying trees throughout the Ranch, exploring ways to improve our infrastructures such as websites, cell service, and broadband,” she said. Boon continued, “As well as ways to improve the recreational amenities that can add to the enjoyment and benefit of all our residents.”

Boon interjected this was a partial list of what the board would be working on this year.

“There is a lot to do,” she said.

Following this, Boon turned to Ivan Holler, the acting manager for the Rancho Santa Fe Association for an update and report.

Holler said that staff was still looking at choices to inform new property owners about registering to vote.

“A couple of those ways included potentially sending a registration packet to their escrow officer when they first buy a home and possibly sending a packet out with their first bill,” Holler said. “So we are still looking at a couple of those options.”

Holler said his office also met with a group of real estate agents as part of its concierge efforts. The goal of this, Holler pointed out, was to help inform realtors and new owners about all of the amenities the Ranch offers, as well as voter registration awareness.

Holler informed the board and attendees that the Rancho Santa Fe Association’s new website was officially up and running.   He confirmed that the new website address was, however, if visitors used the old address it would redirect them to the new site.

All minutes and agenda items from the different committees have remained intact and were transferred from the old site to the new.

“Hopefully, you’ve had a chance to take a look at it,” Holler said.

Boon acknowledged Holler’s work behind the website calling it a monumental effort.