View looking down Paseo Delicias from La Morada (duplicate of HABS No. CA-2305-1) - Rancho Santa Fe Civic Center, Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego County, CA. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia
View looking down Paseo Delicias from La Morada - Rancho Santa Fe Civic Center, Rancho Santa Fe, San Diego County, CA. Photo courtesy of Wikimedia
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Boon delivers updates to members

RANCHO SANTA FE — The recent Rancho Santa Fe Association Board meeting was held at the RSF Golf Club. Following member input, Board President Ann Boon provided a robust list of happenings in the Village.

On the roster was the topic of broadband. Boon wanted everyone to know that she, board treasurer, Kim Eggleston, and Association manager, Bill Overton recently attended the Fiber to the Home Council annual convention in Anaheim.

“We heard the latest news in fiber technology,” she said.

According to Boon, before the end of July, the Technology Infrastructure Committee will be meeting with its own consultant to further discuss business models for its RSF project and told members to “stay tuned” for more.

With water conservation responsibilities weighing heavily on RSF residents, Boon told members that meetings and brain storming sessions are taking place nearly every day between the County and Santa Fe Irrigation District (SFID).

Overton is working closely with SFID General Manager Mike Bardin for long-term water solutions.

“We’re even getting our state legislators involved,” Boon said.

According to Boon, California State Assemblyman Brian Jones is scheduled to appear at the next Association Board Meeting Aug. 6.

“He will be filling us in on pending water infrastructure legislation that he’s introducing that may impact all of us and he’ll be listening to our concerns,” she said.

On the topic of water conservation, Boon then segued into an upcoming July 8 informational meeting championed by the Association at the Garden Club. Beginning at 6 p.m., members will have the opportunity to listen to a lineup of speakers regarding water conservation and landscaping. These individuals will also be on hand for questions.

Last on Boon’s agenda was an update on the Village Master Plan. The wheels were beginning to turn, she said.

“Over the past few months, the Board has heard concerns from many of you regarding the loss of community in our Village. You’ve asked us to find ways to bring back retail shops, to ensure there is a market, and to provide parking to support the merchants,” she said. “I believe the Board members agree we must develop a plan that will encourage commercial and residential elements necessary for a vibrant Village.”

Addressing those concerns, Boon pointed out that she and Overton have met with professional urban planners, developers of planned communities, property owners in the Village, and members of the Village Merchants Group.

Boon said that she believed the process they need to follow in order to truly achieve the renaissance that they all desire, would require engaging the services of outside professionals as well as organizing teams of volunteers.

“Things are very much in the embryonic and visionary stage,” she said.

To date, the Association is establishing a Village Master Plan Task Force. Members of this task force are volunteer Covenant members. Their duties will consist of collecting goals and future plans for the Board to ultimately review.

Boon indicated that their main responsibilities will include researching and pursuing what is necessary to implement a plan in terms of zoning changes, Covenant private partnerships, among other items.

In her delivery, Boon said collaborating with this task force would be a revitalization team as well as a possible parking team.

Throughout the process, member participation would be encouraged and community events would be organized.

Over the next few weeks, Boon said, the task force is developing its initial goals and plans to present to the board for discussion. Boon said she hoped to have this on the agenda as well as the names of the volunteer team at the Aug. 6 meeting.

“We will be looking for your input at every step along the way,” Boon said. “Please stay engaged with us.”