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Boon and Overton address transparency

RANCHO SANTA FE — At the Rancho Santa Fe Association December meeting, board president Ann Boon began by addressing how the morning’s agenda was a testament to tremendous accomplishments.

She said the ongoing efforts of the board, staff and multitude of volunteers who have worked so hard for the Association over the last couple of years would be seen in the agenda.

Boon also addressed the financial components.

“Fiscal responsibility has been our focus since we have analyzed every expenditure, department, and project,” Boon said. “We’re fortunate to work with a very strong finance committee who helps the board and the staff in that effort.”

Boon said that with transparency at the forefront, the board strives to keep its members fully informed every step of the way. Additionally, she noted that with member questions, they provide answers when they are readily available and perform the appropriate research when necessary.

“We do not ignore your questions, even the toughest ones. So today’s agenda is dedicated to keeping you informed and to being responsive to your concerns,” she said.

Association manger Bill Overton then stepped in with his follow-up on member input concerns from the Sept. 3 board meeting. Overton said that this agenda item was something he requested.

One area he discussed was in regard to not properly posting a past board meeting from August, which is normally found at the bulletin boards located at the Association and post office.

“It is technically correct that due to an administrative oversight I did not catch that the agenda did not make it to the bulletin board. So that’s a fact,” he said.

Overton did go on to say that the August board meeting agenda was posted on the Association’s website and announced in print media.

During the course of the board meeting, members in attendance also had attached to their current agenda, the agenda from August 2015. Line by line, Overton reviewed the Aug. 7 board meeting which was officially reposted for review on Dec. 3.

Items consisted of the manager’s report by Overton, communications report by Christy Whalen, finance report by Don May, cell phone reception update by Overton, Covenant Club updates by Heather Slosar and Jerry Yahr, Village Revitalization update by Ann Boon, a CDRC Improvement Discussion by Overton and Fred Wasserman, an Osuna Ranch update by Yahr, and other business.

Pragmatically, Overton highlighted each item.

“Again, I want to be clear that this was my mistake,” said Overton, referring to oversight of the bulletin postings. “The board had nothing to do with it.”

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