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Boon addresses Covenant Club in president’s message

RANCHO SANTA FE — During a comprehensive board president’s message, Ann Boon touched upon many subjects, including the Covenant Club, which has become a fueled topic in the Ranch. She shared how different groups have become pitted against one another.

“Some people are so upset they’ve started new groups. Well, some of that is good.  We invited input from all stakeholders, and so we do welcome all input,” she said. “However, what isn’t so good is that so much fight is being waged to defeat a project even before all the facts and numbers are in.”

Boon went on to say that fellow board directors Jerry Yahr and Heather Slosar have dedicated numerous hours to this study, an architect has been paid, so time is needed for this phase to be completed. This next stretch is to design the proper facility for the Covenant.

“The space we have is ‘the campus,’ as some people have begun calling it, which belongs to every single member of the Rancho Santa Fe Association and not just to members of the existing golf and tennis clubs,” she said. “The community voted to spend the money for the design and planning phase. The financial models cannot be built until that phase has been completed and until all sources and funds have been accurately researched.”

The area of “the campus” is within the property scope of the golf and tennis club.

Once additional information is available, Boon said, the material would be up for public review and debate.

“I can only ask that each side be respectful of your neighbors on the other side,” she said. “And those of you who are so passionate about the Covenant Club, don’t let your enthusiasm for the Covenant Club prevent you from hearing your neighbors’ very real concerns and worries; and, to those of you on both sides, please don’t let your own selfish interest be so obvious that it diminishes the value of your message.”

Boon explained that the design process is “slow” because those who are at the helm want to do it right. She also told the director and members in attendance that volunteer leaders of this proposed project will present what they deem to be the best design for their community.

And then it can be voted on.

“But they may never reach what they deem to be the best design if we do not let them do their job. If we as a community bully them into designing a white elephant, we may in the end have a white elephant on our hands,” Boon said. She continued, “The bottom line is no more money will be spent, no dirt will be moved unless the community votes for it.  That is when the fat lady will sing and the final votes are counted.”

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