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Blasting operations mark start of condo development

SAN MARCOS — Don’t be alarmed if you hear the sounds of air horns and explosives going off in central San Marcos over the next few weeks.

The cacophony signals the start of construction on a 92-unit condominium complex built on a hillside north of Mission Road and just east of the San Marcos City Hall.

“Mission 316” as the project is dubbed, was approved in July 2014, as the City Council voted to convert the hillside area, which originally was slated for commercial development, into a residential-zoned parcel. It is one of two major market-rate housing developments occurring within San Marcos’ so-called “Heart of the City” specific plan area.

City officials issued a notification that the blasting operations started the week of Aug. 4 and will continue for at least the next four weeks, possibly as long as six weeks.

The city sent written notification to residents who live within 600 feet of the blasting area. Five minutes prior and one minute prior to any blasting, a set of air horns will sound, signaling the impending explosion. After the blasting is finished, one long horn sound will serve as an “all clear.”

Structures within 300 feet of the blast zone will receive pre- and post-blast inspections to ensure the structures have not been damaged.

Crews will only bring enough explosive to complete each daily blast and no explosives will be left overnight as to ensure public safety.

As an additional public safety measure, traffic will be stopped in both directions on Mission Road as well as pedestrian traffic on the northside sidewalk during the blasting period. While traffic control measures will be in place, motorists are encouraged to use alternate routes to avoid delays during blasting times.

This work will kick start construction on a 7-acre residential project and is expected to be completed in winter 2016. “Mission 316,” will bring 92 for-sale condos to the north side of East Mission Avenue between Woodward Street and Mulberry Drive.