Bea Patten, with Carlsbad Police Chief Tom Zoll and Senior Volunteer Patrol You-Are-Not-Alone Coordinator Glen Peterson, was joined by Carlsbad Police and Senior Volunteer Patrol members in celebration of her 100th birthday Oct. 20. Patten, a client of Carlsbad Police Department’s YANA Program, has lived in Carlsbad for 23 years. She served in the U.S. Coast Guard, worked in Saudi Arabia, performed in the movie “Guys and Dolls” and lived in Australia for 25 years raising race horses. The YANA program is for Carlsbad seniors who live alone and can benefit from having someone check on their welfare on a daily basis. Members of the police department’s Senior Volunteer Patrol make daily phone calls or visits to each of the YANA clients. If a YANA enrollee does not respond, the emergency contact is notified and a police officer is dispatched. To register, call Carlsbad Police Department’s Senior Volunteer Patrol at (760) 931-2214. Courtesy photo


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