Author writes the book on marketing

RANCHO SANTA FE — When the going gets tough, the tough kick up their marketing. That is the premise of the how-to book, “Formula Marketing: Success Made Simple,” written by Rancho Santa Fe resident Dave Wilkey.
Wilkey, the owner of InSource Consulting, helps companies every day get the word out about their businesses and products and he wanted to share what he has learned over the years.
The book is a step-by-step manual on how to write a marketing plan and track the results.
“There are a lot of companies out there that need help with their marketing and I work with a lot of different marketing departments,” he said. “I teach marketing classes, write marketing plans and execute marketing strategy. I’ve seen what people understand about marketing and what they don’t. I help them get a better handle on their marketing.”
During this economic downturn, Wilkey said he sees a lot of companies shedding or cutting way back on their marketing departments.
Big mistake, he said.
He said he sees struggling business owners taking out an advertisement in the paper once or twice. When they don’t get results right away, they stop.
“Marketing takes frequency, continuing to reach the same people with the same message,” he said.
He said these days, people are bombarded by information and it is important to stay on message to give potential customers the time to clear out the clutter, to understand it and act upon it.
Wilkey said it takes a person at least seven times to hear a message before it can be fully understood and acted upon.
“It takes time to pull people out of traditional buying power and start something new,” he said.
He said he deals with hundreds of marketing departments a year. Sometimes when a large company makes a mistake they just move on, but for a small firm that is doing its own marketing, a mistake can be devastating.
The book offers a lot of examples and a few “nuts and bolts” to help a business along.
“There are lots of examples in the book. I lay out marketing plans for fictitious companies and they can pick them up and tailor them to their own business,” he said.
Using his method helps a business see exactly where they are going.
“See if you hit objectives and obtain your goals, metric devices can help you track the marketing plan,” Wilkey said. “If it is direct mail you need some way to track to see if it worked. That can be calling an 800 number, or have them visit a website or provide a coupon which can be redeemed and tracked.”
After graduating from USC, he worked for Postal Annex Plus for about 10 years, serving as director of marketing, in the operations department and in franchise development.
He said at age 45, he likes being in business for himself.
“I just like having the freedom to call my own shots and work my own schedule. I like to be creative and take my business in whatever direction I have a vision for,” he said.
He has a number of clients, including CPS Printing based in Carlsbad.
Since traditional printing is changing and more of it is going on the Internet, he is helping that firm become more Internet savvy.
Wilkey lived in Rancho Santa Fe as a youth. He returned two years ago and bought a home with his wife who was also raised there.
He is available to help people with their marketing plan over the Internet and on the telephone for $495 or a meeting in person for $1,900.
His book may be purchased online at Amazon and other online bookstores. Wilkey can also be reached at his website at

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