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Association president speaks candidly about issues in the Ranch

RANCHO SANTA FE — During a recent update to members and the board, Rancho Santa Fe Association board president Ann Boon was candid about current issues in the Covenant.

She told those in attendance when she began writing notes for her delivery, she wondered if she or anyone could ever lead the community to real progress.

“As president, I strive on every project we’ve worked on to conduct the process where all stakeholders can have a say in the process to contribute to the outcome,” she said.

Her objective in every single proposed project, she said, was to build a consensus within the community along with board member votes. However, this intent has encountered hindrances.

Nevertheless, as projects go through their committee process issues have changed the original course.

Boon shared, “Just when progress seems to be happening, one or two individuals or a small group seem to hold the process up so that their particular interest can be satisfied.” She added, “Staff members are reluctant to champion a particular course of action forcefully because they’ve learned that arrows can come soaring at them from any part of the community.”

One project that is moving forward is high speed Internet.  Boon wanted everyone to know that following 15 months of working on a “fiber to the home” project, the Association has now issued a bid through a Request for Qualifications and Proposals.

It’s estimated that proposals will be completed by Nov. 1, and after this, the tech committee will review them. Boon said if a proposal(s) meets their objectives it will then be funneled to the finance committee and board.

“I’d like to say that we can have a contract by the end of December, but unforeseen hurdles could pop up, or one disgruntled member could raise his hand protesting that we did not study this enough,” she said, adding how she was hesitant to deem a secure date.

However, with the hesitancy, Boon said this particular project was moving swiftly compared to others due to their capable consultants.

As far as the outlook on cell coverage, although efforts have been in place, improvement in this area she described as dismal at this point.  While staff and board members have dedicated years and hours communicating with providers, response time has lapsed before engaging in them once again.

“But this board tried to hire a consultant as many HOAs and municipalities do who can negotiate with all the providers as well as the county and the property owners to add antennas in order to improve and expand our cell coverage. The consultant’s contract would provide for revenue sharing with the association,” she said. “So we would not only have better coverage, but revenue we do not currently have.”

Boon said she would like to convey that they are “speeding along with that consultant,” however the finance committee requested to assess other options.

“So I hope to be able to report progress in six months or so on this or maybe the next board can get it done,” she said.

Boon stated that the current board is not a “do-nothing board” and has directors who want progress in the Ranch.