Association outlines its goals for long term

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Association determined and prioritized goals during a recent retreat that
will have an effect on Rancho Santa Fe in the coming years.
They were presented at the Association’s Sept. 16 meeting.
They are:
— Continue on the construction of a new patrol facility
— Review the Open Space Program
— Determine a way to communicate with members via e-mail
— Evaluate document filing and storage
— Upgrading the Association website
— Police and security
— Work closely with nonprofit organizations
— Fire preparedness
— Environmental sustainability
Association Manager Peter Smith, who called it “a good list,” said that some of these goals, such as the construction of the patrol facility, have been ongoing for the past several years and will continue to be a high priority.
“The review of the open space (program) will something for the Long Range Planning Committee,” Smith said of the group, which will take a survey.
“That way we can take the pulse and demographics,” board President Tom Lang said.
The Association is still working out ways to communicate better with its members by e-mail or texting and have not yet decided how to best do it.
“We should take that very carefully because there are a lot of folks in this community who put a high premium on privacy,” board member Dick Doughty said.
“We need to develop a policy on how we would use it, because in 10 years that is the way we will be communicating,” Smith said.
“There are security issues, but we need to work around those problems,” board member Jack Queen said.
Queen said the website has been an issue for a while and that a new one is needed.
“There are only 1,500 hits a month and I don’t know who is looking, maybe the Realtors?” Queen said.
Smith said that there needs to be the opportunity for auto billing and for members to be able to pay for their services online.
Also being considered for the future is to renegotiate the terms of outside law enforcement agencies that issue citations in the area so that some of the income from the fines finds its way back to Rancho Santa Fe.