Association manager highlights accomplishments

RANCHO SANTA FE — Rancho Santa Fe Association Manager Bob Hall shared the Association’s fiscal year accomplishments with the board of directors and Covenant residents during the August monthly meeting.

The 40 accomplishments mentioned were in the areas of code enforcement, database merging and improvements, the bylaws and governing documents, better community dialogue, the Association website, newsletters and e-blasts, the fiber-optic design project, online statements, the voter verification process, grants for community safety, election and voting rules, tree removal and more.

Looking ahead, Hall presented the Association’s three-year goals.

“These groups have been extremely busy,” he said. “One of our goals is to install a fiber-optic network to serve RSF members.”

The next goal listed was to address the challenge of water rates.

“Our other goals are to enhance the Village vibrancy and downtown experience,” he said.

Hall also addressed the golf membership and its financial viability as well as how to encourage broad representation that also highlights diversity and participation within the community.

Hall said it was important to identify these goals and to map out their six-month objectives.

Also up for discussion was who would be participating in which roles.

“We want to ensure that members are aware of what we are doing,” Hall said.

Hall said two seats would become available at the end of the year for the Rancho Santa Fe Covenant Design Review Committee. Covenant residents have until Sept. 15 to submit their names for consideration.

“The CDRC is one of the most active committees that we have,” Hall said. “They see a lot of projects, and they also have a lot to do with how the Covenant evolves over time.”


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