Association drafts rules to ban short-term rentals

RANCHO SANTA FE — During a Nov. 2 board meeting, the Rancho Santa Fe Association addressed the short-term rental phenomenon by unveiling draft vacation rental rules essentially prohibiting them within the Covenant. Like other major cities across the nation, San Diego County remains an epicenter for travelers who seek short-term residential rentals.

The Association proposed the guidelines to help stop the practice of renting out rooms, guest homes or homes for short stays. It’s a topic many towns are grappling with since short-term rentals, being offered on sites such as Airbnb, are within residential neighborhoods and are largely unregulated.

“The board of directors approved posting of approved rules regarding short-term rentals,” Christy Whalen, Association assistant manager and Covenant administrator, said. “The rules have been sent to members and have been posted on the website and community bulletin boards. We encourage our members to review the rules and provide written comments to us by Dec. 2, 2017.”

Currently on Airbnb, a variety of short-term stay options in Rancho Santa Fe range from rooms and guesthouse quarters to entire residences. Under the draft Association vacation rental rules, new regulations would drastically change these options.

According to the draft, vacation rentals are not allowed for a stay less than 30 consecutive days. 

“The Lease must be for the entire dwelling and not merely for a portion of a dwelling. A sublease of a dwelling subject to this regulation is strictly prohibited,” as stated in the proposed regulations.

Single-room rentals, as well as guest homes on an estate, will be prohibited in the Covenant if approved.

If adopted, advertising a short-term vacation rental on the internet and rental sites will be forbidden. 

Covenant members will also need to notify the Association on their intent of a short-term rental and supply the names of the occupants, their vehicle information and contact information while there. Pet information would also be required. 

When creating the draft rules, the Association also considered how Del Mar is handling the issue as well as the city of San Diego.

During the 30-day timeframe, the draft proposal on vacation rentals is subject to revision based on Covenant resident comments.


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