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Association approves budget, bids farewell to outgoing directors

RANCHO SANTA FE — The June 21 meeting of the Association was short, but it covered a variety of subjects. 

Pete Smith, Association manager, showed up with his arm in a sling, explaining that he had broken it in a couple of places in a mountain biking mishap.

“It stopped,” he said of the bike. “I didn’t.”

At the meeting, Ivan Holler, planning director, reported there was a realtor caravan to the house that is for sale on the former Osuna property.

“There were 50 agents,” Holler said. “That was a pretty good turnout.”

Holler said staff plans to put together a pamphlet about the Osuna property and its history with a section about how donors can support the project.

Jack Queen, board president, asked that in the pamphlet there be an update about the master plan for the restoration project that includes what work has already been done and what is planned for the future. He said some residents do not seem to know that there has always been a master plan for the adobe and its grounds.

“We will make sure a unit is included in the pamphlet,” Holler said.

Holler also reported that the final EIR for the proposed roundabouts in Rancho Santa Fe will be released soon by the county.

“I don’t know for sure when it will be released and I have not yet seen them, but it should be available for public view in the next couple of weeks,” Holler said.

The board also approved the budget for next year.

“This year we had two members at the (public hearing for the budget) and one asked a question and it was a very good question,” said Steve Comstock, chief financial officer.

“The question was if the Association has any unfunded liabilities,” Comstock said. “It does not.”

He said sometimes at the yearly budget hearing they end up discussing something entirely different, like horse breeding.

The public hearing was held on May 23.

The board also gave Comstock approval to suspend all membership privileges of those 17 residents who have failed to pay the second installments of their assessments, which was due by April 20.

“Despite several letters requesting payment of the outstanding Association assessments and warnings of the consequences of the nonpayment, these property owners have failed to bring their assessments current,” he said.

It was the last meeting for outgoing directors Jack Queen and Dick Doughty, who could not get away without some good-natured jabbing and a few gifts.

To say farewell, the staff decided to re-quote some of their statements made during meetings.

“I apologize for my open mike remarks,” Doughty had said a few months ago, after uttering off-color remark during a meeting.

“The mike is hereby open,” Smith told him at the recent meeting, indicating he could now say what he wants the way he wants.

Queen’s best quote was, “I’m going to vote no on this, but I want everyone else to vote yes.”