Assistance League offers fashion for all

COAST CITIES — Assistance League of North Coast, in response to community needs, joined forces with Kohl’s Department Store to provide clothing for local children in need.

From left, shopper Karen Sanchez from Vista schools joins Assistance League of North County volunteer Lee Laney. Courtesy photo
Because of the generosity of donors, ALNC community service money was able to providing two afternoons of shopping for low-income or homeless students at Kohl’s. Through the generosity of the Weingart Foundation and the Boys and Girls Foundation, ALNC and Kohl’s were ready to help clothe 200 students for school. A group of 27 volunteers were at the store to help students and their parents with shopping.

In Oceanside, Carlsbad and Vista, there are reportedly 13,947 elementary students living in poverty. Lorie Gammon, Vista’s Coordinator for Student Support Services, praised ALNC for meeting the clothing needs of the elementary school children, but noted us that there were also many junior high and high school students with the same need. According to Gammon, “Last year there were 850 homeless/needy students in the upper grades in Vista.” With Gammon’s information, Cheryl Geigle, clothing project chairperson for ALNC, made contact with Kohl’s Associates in Action program to ask for support.

In response, ALNC volunteer Cheryl Geigle working with Rachael Anderson. the local coordinator of the Kohl’s Associates in Action program, and arranged for Kohl’s department store in Oceanside to open its doors for young shoppers on two afternoons. The club invited 200 secondary students and each was provided a $100 shopping voucher by Assistance League of North Coast. ALNC volunteers will be there along with Kohl’s employees to assist the teens in selecting appropriate school clothes and shoes.

The program provided five volunteers working three hours each evening for two days of shopping, plus Kohl’s provided a $500 Associates in Action grant. Twenty-seven ALNC members plus several husbands volunteered to greet the students and to help with the shopping and the checking out.

ALNC was provided $10,000 by Weingart Foundation and $10,000 by the Boys and Girls Foundation to be used for clothing needy children. For more information about ALNC, visit