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Art students decorate principal’s retirement

OCEANSIDE — June 2013 brings the road to retirement for South Oceanside Elementary School Principal Rand Johnson. During his 40 years of service to students and parents in the OUSD, Johnson brought in the Stardust Arts to provide an art enrichment program with Stardust Arts.To celebrate the principal,16 students, grades kindergarten through fifth, from the Angels Program, created a memory book of appreciation and time spent at the school. During an eight-week period, the students did their homework, then designed “The Road to Retirement,” a 5-foot-by-8-foot canvas depicting Johnson’s favorite hobbies. Their diligent research turned up his favorite treasure, a vintage Volkswagen van. The painted canvas; in acrylic, is a colorful and fanciful story of retirement and the last days for their principal. Showing him leaving the school in his VW, along the cobblestone road, Johnson cruises the beach to destinations unknown; passing the beach crowd and surfers, arriving to the crossroad sign, guarded by a comical cat, a flower garden and a new life.

“I am deeply touched by the creative gift Stardust and the students produced for me. It is really special,” the outgoing principal said. “This is an honor.”


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Cheryl Ehlers June 7, 2013 at 7:12 pm

Congratulations to the students and Principal Johnson for being such an inspirations to his students at South Oceanside Elementary School.

The students wish him will from The Stardust Arts.

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