April 6, 2012

Mayor Stocks must answerOn March 14th, at the Encinitas City Council meeting, Mayor Stocks was asked to do two things during Oral Communications. The first was to implore SANDAG to re-evaluate their population expectations based on the newly available 2010 census figures and to explain his turnaround on the General Plan Update [GPU]. Mayor Stocks did not answer either question, but chided the speakers for not understanding the process involved with the coordination of SANDAG and the City of Encinitas. Whether either speaker had a clear understanding of the process was not the point – the point was that SANDAG population expectations appear impossible given the new census and that an explanation of Stocks change of mind on the proposed density increases in Encinitas would be very valuable now that the City is essentially starting over on those provisions.

According to the Census figures, Encinitas population grew by 1504 people in the ten-year period from 2000 to 2010. SANDAG projects a growth of 9000+ people from 2010 to 2020. This projection makes even less sense when you factor in a growing vacancy rate and a trend towards more people per household. This is why Mayor Stocks, as Encinitas mayor and SANDAG chairman is uniquely able to influence SANDAG to revise their figures based on reality. Will you help us Mayor Stocks ?

The recently rejected increased density plan has been in the works for some time – Mayor Stocks voted for it as recently as October of 2011 and had previously supported it. Whether it originated from Encinitas staff input or from SANDAG doesn’t matter now — it will be entirely redone. Please Mayor Stocks, will you share with us why you changed your mind and your vision as to whether we need increased density and how to achieve it if necessary?

Herb Patterson,



Preserving open spaces

I have been a Carlsbad resident for 37 years. In the early 90s I served on the Open Space Committee to delineate areas to be set aside as open space as the city revised its general plan. As Carlsbad again considers changes to its general plan, I am concerned that natural areas are still being ignored.

Designating parking lots adjacent to parks as open space was not the intent of our committee.

It is imperative the mayor and city council understand that decisions eliminating natural areas including wildlife corridors, streams and creeks need to be reconsidered. Once developed these lands are likely lost forever. For over 20 years the citizens of Carlsbad have worked to protect our open spaces. The city government must now do its duty to follow through on the wishes of its residents.

Kathy Parker,



Village Specific Plan

The proposed Village Specific Plan, just released, is NOT an attempt to “revitalize” the Del Mar Downtown by the old American Way of providing logical incentives and choices.

It is an attempt to “fundamentally change” Del Mar, the New Socialist way of providing no choice!!

And I can’t believe that a majority of the citizens of Del Mar will buy it!!!

I have to disclose that I have been a resident and businessperson in Del Mar since 1955, and I still like what I see in Del Mar!

As a resident, the new 30’ height limit on the West side of CDM will surely take away some of the ocean view I have enjoyed since 1964, in order to give it to a new AFFORDABLE residence on a second floor above a store in the Commercial Zone!

As a businessperson, the new “park once” Standards will eliminate the reserved parking “on-site” privilege, presently enjoyed, for me and my customers doing an office business in Del Mar, and shopping and eating. We would have to join the fight for parking spaces wherever we could find them — even on the neighbor’s business property!

Unlike Obamacare, please see what is in this plan before voting for it!

Ralph Peck,

Del Mar


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