April 13, 2012

Close San Onofre

Regarding San Onofre to remain shut down. It sounds encouraging that the NRC was here, except for the fact that all but one of the NRC commissioners come from the nuclear industry, a revolving door of regulators and corporate bosses.The smell is nauseating!The original 40-year permit for this plant was not based on life expectancy, but instead a term long enough for the owners to amortize the cost. Every moment that this plant runs it poses a risk to 8 million people living within 50 miles. They release radioactive gas as often as they want, and they are not required to tell anyone.

Every time they do tell us that they released radioactive gas, it’s always at no risk to the public. While running they produce toxic radioactive waste that can poison our earth and water for 10s of thousands of years, for only one reason, to make profit for Edison and Sempra. This plant combined with the output of Diablo Canyon produce 7 percent of California’s electricity on average, and we can do without it with some small conservation methods. Close this plant!

Dave Patterson,



Preserve Calavera

The Preserve Calavera organization is hosting a contest to name the story poles that show the location of the largest Master Planned community left to be built in the city of Carlsbad at Quarry Creek.

Story poles are temporary poles that show the limits of proposed development, and are on the hills of the Buena Vista Creek Valley on the south side of state Route 78 between El Camino Real and College Boulevard. The project proposes to build 656 homes in an area zoned for 176.

These poles placed by McMillin, the project developer, show the location of 150 of the 656 homes they are planning to build here. (The remaining 506 homes would be built around the sacred El Salto waterfall on the old mine site). These 150 homes are on the “panhandle” part of the site, west of the waterfall, across from the historic Marron Adobe, above Buena Vista Creek, and blocking the wildlife movement corridor. The developer has named this project Quarry Creek. What is your name for the poles that show the limits of this development?

To see the poles from state Route. 78 take the College exit to the right. Take the first right onto Haymar (Plaza). Go past Mossy Nissan about 1/2 mile to the cul-de-sac on the left-hand (south side) of Haymar. Look part far down the ridgeline and you will see a line of five white poles with red flags on top. Submit your name for these poles to info@preservecalavera.org. Best suggestion received by April 21 will receive $100.

For full details go to preservecalavera.org or call (760) 724-3887.

Dianne Nygaard,



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