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Another Snark Attack!

Once again Encinitas Deputy Mayor Jerome Stocks has indulged his ego at the expense of others. This is not the first time nor, we think, will it be his last. Stocks has exhibited a pattern of misbehavior for some time. In fact, at a previous council meeting, it proved the second council meeting in a row during which he showed his disdain and lack of respect for others. At the last council meeting, he lashed out at a citizen who was expressing the dismay of some New Encinitas constituents at the kind of commercial development that is occurring and has occurred on and near El Camino Real. Not only did he malevolently attack her position, but he broke council rules to do so, since council members are not supposed to respond to citizens during the oral presentation portion of the council meeting.
At a recent council meeting, Stocks angrily attacked City staff. Instead of offering positive criticism of what he saw as flaws in the General Plan update process, he publicly disparaged the staff and, indirectly, the citizens who have spent time and effort attending the General Plan workshops and providing their input. Any valid points he may have had lost their impact with his snarky delivery. Fortunately, the Encinitas Little League’s All-Star Team, which had been in chambers earlier to receive a proclamation recognizing their significant achievements on the field and their stellar behavior off the field, was not there to see how the Deputy Mayor treats others.
If Deputy Mayor Stocks can’t control his own behavior (which, in his own words he called “my tantrum”) perhaps the Council should adopt an official “Code of Conduct,” as many other cities have. Although we have seen public servants at all levels of government exhibit unwise, discourteous and disrespectful behavior, we in Encinitas expect better from those we elect to represent us.

— C.J. Minster is an Encinitas resident.


Springer Material September 23, 2011 at 8:48 pm

The first citizen who Stocks interupted during Public Remarks was a woman opposed to a new Walmart in the former Expo location. She is by no means the only person who was offended by that idea and the idea of a strip club, which had previously been suggested.

Also unmentioned in this piece is the comment that Jerome Stocks made to City staff, and through association, community volunteers, who had been working on the Updated General Plan Draft for the past 2 years. His comment was that staff was showing off their ‘baby,’ and that their ‘baby was ugly.’

Because those of us who are familiar with Encinitas politics know that staff members are often directed by the council majority either through direct contact, or through the previous City Manager before he left, who was beholden to Stocks and Bond.

I wish that we could have the next meeting attended by Jerry Springer to conduct a paternity test and announce who the ‘baby’s’ daddy REALLY is!

Even this Planning Department, who we often find ourselves in disagreement with, could not have imagined something like this on their own!

Jerome Stocks would have us believe that Planning experienced Immaculate Conception of this draft, and that he had no role in hiring MIG or communicating his platform to return as many favors as possible to his building industry funders.

Regular guy September 24, 2011 at 11:14 am

Thank god Jerome Stocks has the guts to call out a liar when she’s misleading the public, and call the terrible draft General Plan terrible!
It sucks.
I wish more elected politicians had the brass and the brains to emulate him!
You go, Jeorme, and don’t listen to the peanut gallery’s whining! We appreciate your honest reactions and the fact that you’re a real person who cares about our city.

Encintas Serfs September 25, 2011 at 11:38 am

"Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing in the tempting place." Benjamin Franklin
Advice Stocks (and bully fans like regular guy) don’t heed. It is also tempting for those who have observed Stocks’ behavior for years to lash out at him in kind. This last decade has given bumptious bullies permission to throw tantrums by the media and political leaders at all levels.
Thanks for posting this reminder to us all that respectful behavior is what we expect from civil servants. It’s what civil means after all.

Misplaced Anger September 25, 2011 at 5:19 pm

I think that we are all frustrated with the disconnection between what we shared as citizens, and what this version of the plan contains. Jerome Stocks also has a right to be upset about the plan, but to direct blame at staff members is not completely fair.

They have been working very hard on this project and may not have as much say as they would in smaller projects under their control. If anyone should be asked to explain themselves it is MIG consultants.

They identified what a great community we have and also that we want to keep it as much like it currently is as possible. They also identified that they could charge a lot of money and leave town. Real consultants would have insisted in doing a needs assessment FIRST as a separate contract before creating a custom approach to everything. There were also ample opportunities to do a check to see if it was going the right direction. These guys sell one-size-fits all kits, and we were all misled in believing that they would come up with a process to capture our unique and wonderful community. Had they done so, the process would not be universally hated by everyone, and we could easily reconstruct their work to find out how this could have happened. Instead of doing the hard work of finding out who customer are and what we need, they spent our money reformatting the current General Plan into a new form instead of placing it into a project management program so that we could easily evaluate their work. Covering tracks and leaving town are not very professional behaviors!

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