Annual tea honors new members

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Republican Women Federated hosted an afternoon tea on Jan. 10 at the home of its president, Susan Woolley, and her husband, Roger. Dozens of women and even a few gents, all Republicans presumably, enjoyed a traditional English “High Tea” with a Southern California twist. An English “High Tea” is usually served late afternoon and includes tea, champagne, sandwiches, and pastries, all served on fine china. The Republican Women served all of this plus they added the Southern California twist — plenty of sunshine. Guests mingled outdoors and enjoyed the warm sunny afternoon overlooking the golf course at the Del Mar Country Club. English “High Teas”
never include sunshine in mid-January!
The event was A New Year’s Tea to honor new members, an annual event that not only honors new members but invites guests to become members, too. In recent months, there has been much in the press regarding the Republican Party’s inability to recruit new members. Did the Rancho Santa Fe Republican Women also find it difficult to recruit new members?
Not at all. No less than six women approached this reporter to borrow my pen to fill out the application. Based on this observation alone, it’s easy to say the tea was a success. A note, however, to next year’s organizers of the event: make sure it is easy for guests to sign up. Evidently a good pen is hard to find.