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Amendment agreed on to address golf club delinquencies

RANCHO SANTA FE — The Rancho Santa Fe Association’s (RSFA) board of directors listened to their fellow board member, Fred Wasserman speak about an amendment to the Rancho Santa Fe Golf Club’s plan of operations which would address delinquencies. It was an action item that the entire board agreed on unanimously.

Wasserman explained that the plan of operations that was before the board was a document that was signed between the golf club and the Association in how they would operate together.

According to Wasserman, there was not an adequate provision in regards to dealing with individuals who weren’t paying their bills at the club.

“We have people who charge at the golf club that don’t pay. We’ve got members that are delinquent,” he said.

Wasserman told the board and members present that there wasn’t a conforming process for dealing with this be it a suspension or even terminating membership. The amendments made to the document now address that concern.

Wasserman wanted people to know that there will be a very clear process that all will understand if there are outstanding bills. The process, he added, was that a hearing would take place which is required in the Davis-Stirling Act.

The RSFA designated the board of governors of the RSF Golf Club as the entity to hold the hearings and oversee the process.

“So that’s now in there,” he said, noting how the amendment was now meeting the standards of the Davis-Stirling Act.

Some members in the audience wanted a more in-depth explanation in the amendment verbiage.

Association manager Bill Overton said that this amendment process has been collaborative as was the choice in language.

“This is conformance with the law to protect everybody,” Overton said, adding how this also included the board of governors.

Wasserman assured members in the audience that there was nothing in the amendment that wasn’t being done properly. While Davis-Stirling requires that this type of action be done by the board of the Association, Wasserman said, the board can delegate this to either a person or committee.

And that’s what they did in handling the issue of delinquencies.

“There was no process to hold the hearings properly,” Wasserman said. He continued, “So I mean we truly worked on this and made it clear.”