Along came a spider right before Halloween

My son woke up last night and climbed in bed with me because he had a scary dream about a spider. He dreamt the spider had fallen from the ceiling onto his chest as he was lying in bed. Frightened, he ran into my room seeking comfort. However, what had bothered him the most was he couldn’t remember if the spider had bitten him before the nightmare had ended.
 I allowed him to climb in bed — just like I’m sure other mothers would — and we tried to ward off this terrible evil in his dream. As I turned on the light, I remembered some references in a dream interpretation book. A spider represents a good omen and is synonymous with the number eight, which is supposedly linked to success. With my son still visibly upset, I knew I must begin to spin my own story about the spider right before Halloween.
“Jackson, the dream was not a nightmare. The spider represented the power of eight in your life and your birthday — April 8. And the spider did not bite you. Rather you were able to stop the accident before it occurred.”
In the middle of the night, I laid out an analogy of the nasty dream. As I spun my own web of positive perception, my son listened and then peacefully fell asleep.
The next day on the way to school he recanted the dream like he was Spiderman and how he conquered the spider in his dream in some fabulous way. He had forgotten the terror of his original nightmare. He sat smiling on the way to school with confidence that he had overcome and won some imaginary battle.
This little incident stuck with me for the rest of the day. I kept thinking about how our thoughts and what we perceive is so powerful. “Life is what we perceive.” I’m sure you’ve heard that quote before, I have. If this is true, even if the facts are skewed, think magically and fantastically. Imagine the circumstances in your life, and how you wish them to be. Forget the book “The Secret.” Read Norman Vincent Peale. I know, I have referenced him before. But some things are worth repeating. This man changed my perception and instilled in me a foundation to overcome any circumstance that threatens me, so I can address issues positively. I still grapple with this one.
Have you ever heard of the “The way of the peaceful warrior?” by Dan Millman? Well, one time I went to his seminars and he made a reference that sounded patronizing to Norman V. Peale.  I called him out on it in front of 200 savvy individuals in Los Angeles who all were looking “for the way to peace in their own lives” at some Learning Annex in Santa Monica.
After the seminar was over we exchanged numbers for some reason. He actually called me a week later on my home phone to still slate his views. I never called Mr. Millman back. I refuse to read any of his books now. I am just thankful for his first breakthrough book, which lead me to this discovery: Even famous authors we admire can be fallible.
Back to that ghastly spider and Halloween. After I dropped Jackson off at school, I pondered my own fears. I thought about the impact of our thoughts, and how mom and son conquered his fear together. I learned a lesson, too. I shall remember anything negative has a positive attribute lying underneath. If we look, we can discover that light will indeed always shine through the darkness. Don’t forget that this spooky Halloween season.
Around town
On Oct. 13, ABC’s “The Bachelor” choice was unveiled on “Dancing with the Stars.” Unfortunately for local residents such as me who were rooting for local “Bachelorette” contestant Kiptyn Locke, we were all sadly disappointed to hear Jake Whatshisname was nominated as the next “The Bachelor.” This might be a reason to drop this show altogether. I’m not even sure if I should watch it this season. However, I have it on good authority that Mr. Locke may have already found the lucky lady he has been looking for, so there is no need for him to be famous anymore. We wish him well. Maybe, I will nab a personal interview with the help of my insiders at the paper.
On Oct. 21, I attended my chiropractor’s health seminar on “Ten ways to boost your immune system and prevent the flu shot.” Some of the key points were “decreasing the amount of sugar and caffeine in a person’s diet to help eliminated bichemical stress and maintaining a healthy spine and nervous system through chiropractic care.” As a personal recommendation, I go in each week for more weekly adjustment from Dr. Sartin. I received a full exam and X-rays that enlighted me on why keeping your spine aligned is the key to staying healthier and feeling better. Ever since I became an avid runner again, my lower back began to cause me some unbearable pain. With my appointments with Dr. Sartin, my back pain is gone. Best of all, I feel fantastic again during my late night run in my neighborhood. Their office is located just around the corner in Solana Beach, right off of Lomas Santa Fe. To take advantage of their free consultation, call (858) 259-4130 for more information. My advice, skip the flu shot and learn how to take better care of your body.
On Oct. 22, two years had exactly passed since the Witch Creek Fire in 2007. That particular day will be one I shall never forget. And, like many of us, that week seems like a distant memory, except for all of those that lost their homes and businesses during the fire. Lemon Twist — the only business to burn down in Rancho Santa Fe — is finally being resurrected on Del Dios street across from Cielo. Katie Shull started this famous landmark flower shop/fruit-stand in the early 1980s. Lemon Twist will finally be reopened in spring of 2010. I know some incredibly happy people that will be celebrating on that momentous day. Look for the return of chocolate-dipped strawberries and a wider smile on this columnist’s face (this is my husband’s family’s business) when this landmark reopens in the spring.
Later that day, I had discovered some big ABC’s “The Bachelor” news. Molly Malaney and Jason Mesnick are officially engaged. If you recall at the beginning of the year, almost 16 million viewers tuned in on Monday night to watch Jason hand Melissa Rycroft the final rose. However, that moment became a fleeting memory as viewers watched Mr. Mesnick retract on his engagement to Ms. Rycroft, and then ask Molly for a second chance for love. It looks like love does need a bit more time to blossom than off of the airwaves of a reality show. After nine months of dating the two are headed for matrimony. When is the date? Stay tuned for more details on one of my favorite shows to gossip about on television.
On Oct. 23, my husband and I headed out on a Friday night to hang out with some of our friends at Mille Fleurs. I’m sure you’ve read before that this is one of my favorite spots in Rancho Santa Fe. Can you say, “the best looking wait staff in town, besides delicious food, fun friends and fabulous music?” I ran into a lovely couple there that night, Nancy and Carm Santoro, good friends of the Hug family. Nancy and I shared stories that night of fun trips and fabulous voyages that she has taken with Denise and Bertrand. All of the trips sounded so marvelous. This is one of the many reasons I like to go out in the Ranch, you meet the nicest people. Thanks Nancy, Carm and Julien for letting take a candid, cute photo that captured enthusiastic mood that evening.
On Oct. 24, Robin and I joined his family at the Gorwitz’s home in San Diego. This Halloween party rocked. With a private band out by the pool, the guests danced the evening away in festive Hhalloween costumes. Someone snapped a cute photo of our group from that evening. Pictured here are Ken, Katie, Juliette, Natalie, myself and Robn Shull from that fun evening. There is another photo here of Natalie Shull with her boyfriend Adam Levins. What a gorgeous couple! Thank you to Linda Gorwitz’s family for extending an invitation to the newlyweds. This is the first year I have dressed up in years for this holiday!
Save the date
Don’t forget to help raise money to fight breast cancer by donating to those that are walking in the Nov. 20 to Nov. 22 event in San Diego. Local Realtor Tammy Tidmore has been actively spending her extra time to raise money to stop this deadly disease. If you would like to help contribute, please check out her site at Yes, that’s the right address!
Star on the rise
Also, local resident Alyssa Jacey releases her new single on Nov. 10! Support this local star by visiting Congrats to a wonderful new artist on the rise in San Diego.


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