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Advice on aggressive home solicitors

SOLANA BEACH — The city of Solana Beach reported receiving complaints in recent weeks about door-to-door solicitors with aggressive business tactics.
While many solicitors operate above board, some take advantage of the holiday season with fraudulent solicitations. Door-to-door solicitors must have a solicitor’s permit from the city to conduct business in Solana Beach. If they don’t have a permit, they shouldn’t be conducting business.
The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department suggests if you don’t want solicitors at your home, the best thing to do is post a “No Solicitors” sign near the front door. Solicitors are prohibited from conducting business at homes with a clearly posted sign. Don’t open the front door if you feel uncomfortable and tell them no thank you to any solicitation. If they fail to leave, call the Sheriff’s Department immediately. The Sheriff’s nonemergency number is (760) 966-3501.