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ACTION president will run for City Council

OCEANSIDE — Dana Corso, president of Alliance of Citizens To Improve Oceanside Neighborhoods, or ACTION, is running for City Council. While serving as ACTION president, Corso was a leading voice in speaking against Proposition E, which threatened to end rent control in mobile home parks.

To defeat the proposition, Corso helped organize ACTION members to take on grassroots campaign efforts, such as holding rallies, phoning voters and going door to door with flyers. The manpower of supporters from 42 different neighborhoods paid off and the proposition that jeopardized the reliability of space rent costs was defeated.

Dana Corso, president of Alliance of Citizens To Improve Oceanside Neighborhoods announces she will run for city council. Courtesy photo

“Forming an alliance at a grassroots level became a bigger voice with so many different neighborhoods involved,” Corso said.

Corso said she has learned a lot by serving as ACTION president.

“I learned that many people out there really care about the city of Oceanside,” Corso said.

She added that as councilwoman she would have a greater opportunity to serve the people and neighborhoods of Oceanside.

Corso said a voice for the people is currently absent in the City Council majority decision-making ruled by Councilmen Jerry Kern, Gary Felien and Jack Feller.

Feller is up for re-election and Corso said she would like to take his seat.

“My vision is to get a council that listens to people who live here,” Corso said. “The present council majority makes their decision without listening. We can have 200 people at the council meeting or five, it doesn’t matter. The council majority has their agenda set.”

Her platform echoes the core philosphies of ACTION, which include supporting economic growth that is compatible with neighborhood character, and electing government officials who put citizens before special interest groups.

Corso said she would like city services to be kept in house.

She stated that she strongly opposes outsourcing police and fire services, which are essential for residents’ safety.

She also suggested trimming the budget by no longer hiring outside consultants to study things like proposed roadways. Corso said current city staff could complete most needed analysis.

To bring money into the city, Corso said she supports responsible development that citizens approve.

Corso sees her views in agreement with Mayor Jim Wood and Councilwoman Ether Sanchez. She will share a campaign office with Wood during election season to save on costs.

Aug. 10 is the deadline for candidates to file.

City Council incumbents up for re-election are Feller and Sanchez. Wood will be running as incumbent mayor.

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