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A refreshing take on water filtration for your home and business

REGION — Superior Water is more than just the name of the business, it’s also what they deliver to their customers. Their mission is to provide home owners with great tasting, smooth feeling and odor-free water from every tap in the house.

So how do they do it? With a water filtration system installed on the main water line, that helps to provide filtered, conditioned water from every tap in your home. Not only can their satisfied customers vouch for Superior Water’s patented technology, but scientific research also supports the research.

“As a research scientist with 30 years’ experience in the use of high purity water for medical research purposes, it is truly refreshing to also find a consumer product that is technically sound and actually does what it claims,” Allan D. Provost, Ph.D and president of Health Screen Laboratories, Inc. said.

Even more important than the taste of the water you drink, or the water you use to shower or bathe in, is to consider just how safe it really is. “Our customers are very educated nowadays and they want an environmentally safe water solution that also protects the pipes in their homes,” Elaine Montemarano, general manager for Superior Water, said. “Salt softeners are becoming obsolete because of the harmful chemicals that are put into our homes and environment. Our filtration system is all natural and great for the plants and pets. It provides fresh water the way it was meant to be while filtering out the unwanted impurities, both natural and man-made.”

“We provide a proven product that gives people the gift of better water,” Ted Carlisi said. The company uses Multi-Reversing Fields technology to realign water’s calcium and magnesium so that minerals stay in suspension — instead of creating a hard water white mineral crust familiar to most home owners.

Whether you’re considering a filtration system for your home, condo, office or commercial facility, Superior Water offers the award-winning three-stage carbon filtration, internal sediment filter and bacteria static filter process. Once the water is completely filtered, it is conditioned through an industrial 4th stage module, which is what truly sets it apart from other systems. The end result is a superior quality of water that tastes great, healthy for the skin and reduces hard water problems.

The same peace of mind customers get with Superior Water’s product extends to after the company installs the product. “We offer our customers a worry free warranty with a seven-day/24-hour customer support hotline,” Peter Carlisi said. “Customer service is our first priority.”

For more information, visit or call                          (800)-WATERBOY.