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A new brand helps define coastal 101

ENCINITAS — Did the founders of some of the most widely known brands give much thought to their name, the logo, what message was conveyed with the entire structure of the brand? It’s no accident that people automatically recognize certain brands, and awareness and perception are the keys.
It is with that in mind that laying the groundwork for a cohesive, premiere Coastal Highway 101 destination has been in the works for several months and has culminated in a distinctive brand.
According to Erich Broesel and Matt Faulk at Basic Brand Studios in Encinitas, ensuring that the three coastal mainstreet associations — Cardiff by the Sea, downtown Encinitas and Leucadia — retained their character while finding the common thread that ran through each was an exciting process.
“The common thread is essentially, ‘what is the experience of the 101?’” Broesel said. To arrive at this question that every potential visitor, prospective merchant and family looking to relocate will ask themselves, the team collaborated with the three mainstreet associations as well as the communities they serve.
“It was amazing to get feedback from people that took us in a direction that honed in on the real experience of living and working in this area,” Broesel said.
The Coastal Highway 101 identity is comprised of more than just a logo —in this case three distinct depictions of the separate communities and one that encompasses them all and a tagline. It is the planned, strategically focused and integrated process that will guide the clarity and purpose of a coastal destination for business, residents and visitors alike.
“This is among the friendliest beach communities I’ve ever encountered,” Broesel said. “Sure, there is a sense of local pride but not to the exclusion of outsiders who want to make this a destination.”
In fact, the new logos reflect the sense of autonomy that each mainstreet reveres. Leucadia is nestled under a tree canopy, downtown Encinitas reflects the hustle and bustle of commerce, while Cardiff’s breathtaking cliffs, beaches and lagoon is highlighted.
The main logo is the “equivalent of a smile,” according to Broesel. “The tagline is ‘Fun, Sun and the 101,’” he said.
While the team mulled over various concepts, the theme of the area as a premiere coastal destination to live, play and work was reoccurring.
“Why wouldn’t you want to experience this?” Broesel asked as he looked at the ocean outside of the studio.
In fact, the team was excited to be a part of a dynamic local project. “We get to experience this and it is very different from having a global client where you aren’t really a part of the process after the job is complete,” he said. “We get to live this one.”
Since branding is more than a logo and a tagline, the mainstreet associations are hard at work to share the “experience” of the Coastal Highway 101 with others who are potential visitors, residents and businesses.